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when the bomb comes hit the shroob in the back and the one in the middle then, use one of your ice flowers to defeat him more quicker

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I never knew "more quicker" was a proper phrase. also use copy flowers that dose alot of damege if you do it good i did 500 damege to him once

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if you're talking about the young one, it's hard if you're not prepared. have super powerful items like trampoline, copy and mix and stuff like that. she has 2500 hp. first, she sits in a chair with a force shield around it. try doing a bunch of attacks on a force turns hot pink when you jump on it many times. when it does, it needs to be hit on 2 or more times. it disappears and princess shroob goes off. when that happens, attack her as many times as you want. when she's off the chair, she throws magic balls at you when it's her turn. when she's on, the chair transforms into a spider with princess shroob on the top screen. she goes over you first and puts rings through you. jump to keep them from getting you, then she crouches down and goes at you. hit her with a hammer to keep her off. she won't go to hit you again, and other attacks on chair. when you take down 1/2 of her hp, she turns different colors. this will go on until you have taken out all of her hp. where: near top of shroob statue time hole: 3rd floor time hole before: destroy mother ship after: beat elder(older) princess shroob!

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use the cannon bros item 3 times. all the characters need to be alive. use the cannon bros item 2 times when the boss is green and 1 time when the boss is red

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You hit it with bro items (cannon ballers,bro flowers and green shells) when it is poisoned (when the caterpillar drinks the purple drink and turns blue)

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Q: How do you defeat princess shroob on Mario and luigi partners in time?
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Who is the final boss in Mario and luigi partners in time?

princess shroob is the final boss in Mario and luigi partners in time

What do you do when princess shroob traps princess peach in Mario and luigi partners in time?

Get 5 Colbat Star Shards then go to Shroob Castle on the 3rd Floor in Present Castle.Listen to Peach then go to the Shrood Statue top & find out it is a Shroob UFO then you have to hit Shroob Sausers back to the Mother Ship[Attacking it directly won't do anything].You & the Mother Ship can only take 4 shroob sauser hits.When the Mother Ship is gone go down to Peach & you must battle Princess Shroob.

What are all the bosses in Mario and Luigi Partners in time?

the bosses in the right order Baby Bowser Junior Shrooboid Shroobs L33t Hamm3r Broz. Swiggler Kamek Sunnycide Shrooboid Brat Petey Piranha Mrs. Thwhomp Bowser and Baby Bowser Comannder Shroob Elder Shrooboid Princess Shroob Elder Princess Shroob Shrowser Good luck fighting em all!

In Mario and Luigi partners in time can you translate the shroob language?

I think it might be Japanese but that is just a guess.

What is the final boss in Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story?

The final battle of the game is very complicated. All you have to do now, really, is attack her. But, once you have killed (?) her, then she GROWS immensely. You will now have a lot of parts to attack of Princess Shroob. -Tentacles (Left) The tentacles attack Mario and Luigi. If you don't want her to attack you, then you go for these. -Tentacles (Right) Same as above -Feet You need to attack these to get to the next bit. -Princess Shroob's head Don't attack this yet. The best option, to get ahead, is to attack Princess Shroob's feet. Once they are gone you now have a new option to choose: Crown Attack this so that you can attack Princess Shroob. Once the crown is gone, then you can finally attack Princess Shroob. And, by the way, use all your power you can. Because, all parts of Princess Shroob's body... can come back!

What do you do when princess shroob throws you of the shroob stage in Mario and luigi partners in time?

Follow your map until you get to the part where Kylie is eaten by The Pirahna Plant from Super Mario Sunshine.You will need the Bros Ball & Bros Spin.At the start use the Hammer move to break a cracked wall to get items & badges.[it is the first room where you start of underground.after a while you will find a door needing all 4 bros on it. In there you will find a block.hit it to start the petty pirahna plant boss battle P.S.If it's not underground koopasuem your out of luck.

Is there a baby princess peach?

Yes, she's in Mario Kart Wii, Mario Super Sluggers, Yoshi's Island DS, and Mario and Luigi Partners in Time. Mario and Luigi Partners in Time was her first appearance.

Where and when do you learn the baby spin on Mario and luigi partners in time?

After you defeat the flying piranha

Why Mario doesn't have Mario generations?

If you have heard of Mario and Luigi Partners in Time, youll see they team up with their baby self to defeat Bowser

How can you find Princess peach in super Mario galaxy?

You need to defeat Bowser before you kind find Princess Peach

How do you defeat giant princess Peach on the roof of the castle in Super Mario 64?

You can't.

How do you defeat the giant mushroom in Princess Peach's garden while playing Super Mario 63?

It is Mario 64 not 63