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There are two phases to this battle:

Phase 1

You have to strike along Ghirahim's right arm to inflict damage. Otherwise he will just grab your sword. Keep doing this until phase 2 begins.

If he grabs your sword, you can release it by moving it away from his arm.

If he takes your sword, you can (must) get it back with either a shield bash, or by making him throw it at you (get away from him).

Phase 2

In Phase 2, he gets his own sword and uses it to block yours similar to the Bokoblins (or whatever the red goblins are called). I found it much easier to hit him while he tried to charge me or just after he teleported.

He can also throw red daggers at you; if he does that, simply hold down Z, and press A to Dodge the attack.

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The Second Boss in Ocarina of Time is King Dodongo. Before this giant lizard-type monster blows its fire at you, throw a bomb into his mouth while it is wide open. You can do this by using the bomb flowers placed around you or by using any bombs you have on you.

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Shoot his hands with an arrow until them can't move. Then put on the Len of Truth and shoot his eye. Then go and slash his eye. Last repeat until he is dead.

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Q: How do you defeat the 2nd boss in ocarina of time?
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