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You can have any number of constructors for a class. All we need to do is implement constructor overloading.

Ex: let us say we want to create multiple constructor for a class Test

Public class Test {

Public Test() {



Public Test(int vals) {



Public Test(String val) {





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A parameter constructor is a constructor within a class with some arguments in it. class abc { abc()---------------------------------Default Constructor { } abc(int d)---------------------------Parameter Constructor { } }

In Java, there are no functions. They call it method and you can define it within a class.

Class constructor is a structure within class definition that serves to create and/or initialize variable defined within class.

No. Java does not allow the declaration of methods within methods.

A Private constructor is simply a constructor that can only be used within the class it was declared in. By default java creates you a constructor which is public though. Hope that helps

Using the super keyword. If you call super() from within your constructor, it will explicitly invoke the superclass version of the constructor.

A class is a type. Classes don't do anything except define the type. You have to instantiate an object of the type in order to actually do anything, including initialising data members. However, the class can define how a data member is initialised. The most efficient method of initialising class members if via the class constructor initialisation list.

No, Java only allows a method to be defined within a class, not within another method.

A base class constructor is simply a constructor that is declared within a base class. There is nothing particularly special about them since all constructors are only of relevence and applicable to the classes in which they are declared.

No, Java only allows a method to be defined within a class, not within another method.

this in java is a keyword that refers to the current object of the class. It is also used in constructor overloading when you want to invoke one constructor from another within the same class.

Overloading happens when you have multiple methods in the current class that have the same name but different signature. The scope of method overloading is "Within the current class" Overriding happens when your current class extends another class (the parent class) and provides implementation for a method that is already available in the parent class. The scope of method overriding too is "Within the current class"

No, it is the other way around: you can define a structure within a function.In C++ though, structs are actually classes, so they can have methods.

Constructors are functions that you use to define (initialize) the properties and methods of a class. By definition, constructors are functions within a class definition that have the same name as the class. For example, the following code defines a Circle class and implements a constructor function: // file class Circle { private var circumference:Number; // constructor function Circle(radius:Number){ this.circumference = 2 * Math.PI * radius; } } The term constructor is also used when you create (instantiate) an object based on a particular class. The following statements are calls to the constructor functions for the built-in Array class and the custom Circle class: var my_array:Array = new Array(); var my_circle:Circle = new Circle(9);

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