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How do you define real estate covenant?



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  1. A covenant is a type of contract in which the covenantor makes a promise to a covenantee to do affirmative covenant or not do some action hence

    negative covenant. In real property law, the term real covenants is used for conditions tied to the use of land. Call me and I can help you find what covenant or restriction are tide to a real property. 310-734-6608 or

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A covenant is a promise in a deed of real property. There are different types of covenants, such as a covenant of warranty, which is a promise to guarantee the title to the property is free of any claims against it, a promise agreeing to joint use of an easement for access to real property, or a covenant not to compete for a certain period of time, which is commonly made by a seller of a business .

Covenants which run with the land, such as permanent easement of access or restrictions on use, are binding on future owners of the property. Covenants can be concurrent (mutual promises to be performed at the same time), dependent (one promise need be performed if the other party performs his/hers), or independent (a promise to be honored without reference to any other promise).