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first, clean all the windows inside and out, any glass cleaner (blue) will do, always use a clean towel or paper towels. turn on defrosters and defogger and let the outside air come in, circulation button/dial light off, refer to your manual, this button/dial has this arrow w/c shows flow of air from the outside, for some other models it has this "AUTO" button, just activate then set desired temperature. or open the window/s a bit. rule of the thumb! a clean glass has fewer of chance on forming fog and if inside air cant escape it will fog. try blowing slowly w/an open mouth on the inside of a drinking glass... and try blowing it fast w/ your lips away a bit from the glass... youll see the difference.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:06:30
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Q: How do you defog windshield of 1994 Honda Civic?
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