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Continue taking the active pill, one for each day you want to delay your period, before taking the non-active pills.


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You start taking the pill at the end of your period, and then, yes you will not have a period again until the break in the pill.

Yes. You can delay your period one day for each bcp that you take.

If you're on the oral contraceptive then all you have to do is double take your pills, that is taking two packets back to back without the 7 day break. This way you won't have the withdrawal bleed.

Matter of hours, up to a day depending how heavy your period is.

can you start to bleed after just taking one contraceptive pill?

Usually you have your period at specific times when taking birth control. If you have concerns, take a pregnancy test.

The contraceptive pill can flare up candida of which thrush is a common symptom

You can either start taking the pill on the first day of your period, which is called day one start, or on the first Sunday after your period, which is called a Sunday start.

Yes, stopping the pill can delay your period. You will likely get it four to six weeks later.

No, my wife does this as well as not stopping taking the active pill after the 21st day so she can control when her period arrives or not so she can do things without worrying about having a period.

It is highly unlikely but is possible. If you are worried then on the day your normal period is due take a HPT.

Sometimes it can delay ur period but it wont stop it ... the shots stops ur period for three months tho Actually, if you're on the mono kind of pill you can choose when to have your period by simply starting a new pack when you reach the placebo week. If you've been taking the pill for a few months you shouldn't get your period until a couple of days after not taking it.

Instead of taking the placebo pills take the active pills from your next package. One pill for each day that you want to delay your period.

Yes, you should keep taking the birth control as scheduled on the calendar regardless of any bleeding.

Some people report that while they are on the pill, they don't have their period as much. Though I don't suggest taking birth control for that reason. You can't really make it skip your cycle. Some people have there period not change at all while on the pill. So there is no guarantee that is will delay or skip your period.

yes.Yes, you may get your next period late after you stop the pill.

depending on how long you have been on the pills or contraceptive method i would say a year minimum and a normal period is the scheduled one that you have when you start taking the pills or method

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