How do you delete a hard drive before donating a computer?

Please what ever you do, DO NOT simply do a format of your hard drive. Reason being, with the right software, anyone can retreive any / all data that is on the drive. People may think that after a format, everything is lost, but this is NOT the case.

Depending on the manufacturer of your hard drive, I would firstly go to the manufacturers web site, and download their own proprietary software, for zeroing the drive in question.

By zeroing the drive, the program writes multiple 0's across every sector of the drive, thus stopping everyone but data recovery companies from recovering any data on the drive.

If the program offers a quick or extended write, imo i would opt for the extended one every time. It does take around 2 hours to complete fully, but you know everything is gone, and its safe to donate. If you opt for the quick erase, it usually zeroes the first and last million sectors on the drive.

Alternatively, you can download a program called kill disk. Instead of opting for the manufacturers solution, this will work on any drive.

Hope this helps.

If you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact me.

be safe

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