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How do you delete built-in songs video and pictures from a Sandisk Sansa e200 MP3 player?



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If you connect your Sansa to a computer running a full version of Windows xp (it may not work under upgrade or OEM versions of xp), do the following: 1. Open up the 'My Computer' pane. 2. Right-click on the icon that says something like 'Audio Player - Sansa'. 3. Click 'Explore'. 4. Double-click the 'Media' folder. 5. Delete any of the folders with the artist's name that you want to get rid of. 6. Close all windows when you are done. 7. Go to your Sansa's on-screen menu and select the 'Music' option. 8. Scroll through the list and select 'Play All' and then your Sansa should go through the music updating process and then you should only see your own music. Hope this helps!