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How do you delete built-in songs video and pictures from a Sandisk Sansa e200 MP3 player?

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If you connect your Sansa to a computer running a full version of Windows xp (it may not work under upgrade or OEM versions of xp), do the following: 1. Open up the 'My Computer' pane. 2. Right-click on the icon that says something like 'Audio Player - Sansa'. 3. Click 'Explore'. 4. Double-click the 'Media' folder. 5. Delete any of the folders with the artist's name that you want to get rid of. 6. Close all windows when you are done. 7. Go to your Sansa's on-screen menu and select the 'Music' option. 8. Scroll through the list and select 'Play All' and then your Sansa should go through the music updating process and then you should only see your own music. Hope this helps!

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How do you delete built-in songs video and pictures from a Sandisk Sansa c250 MP3 player?

Just connect your player to your computer and view your players files from Windows Explorer and delete the unwanted files.

Where could one purchase a SanDisk MP3 player?

A SanDisk MP3 player can be purchased at most retailers such as Target and WalMart. A SanDisk MP3 player can also be purchased at stores such as BestBuy and RadioShack.

SanDisk Sansa MP3 player?

go to

Where do you get the music to put on to your sandisk mp3 player?

how do you put music on your ipod

What is the newest model of sansa mp3 player?

SanDisk Clip Sport

How do you take apart your sandisk MP3?

You shouldn't take apart your media player because it may void the warranty. If it needs to be fixed, call SanDisk. If they can't fix or replace it, try contacting a company that specializes in repair services. SanDisk refers people to LC Technology when the player has to be taken apart.

Can you download audiobooks on CD to a sandisk mp3 player?

yes just go to windows media player

Where can you purchase sansa mp3 players?

A Sansa mp3 player is a product of SanDisk. This is a fairly common product and could be found at many major retailors, online stores, or directly from SanDisk.

How many songs or photos could I store on this SanDisk multi-media player?

you can store 2000 MP3 songs, 4000 JPEG photos or 12 two-hour movies in a 8 gb multimedia player of sandisk sansa.

How do you delete pictures from a Gigaware Mp3 player?

Connect it to the computer and go to the file that shows up and ten there will be folders click on them an there should be your photos the just click the ones you dot want and delete them. Hope this helps

How do you reset your sandisk MP3 player?

it depends on the model for the sandisk express- pg 16 of the manual for hard reset- press the select key and +volume key at the same time. if you do a google search with your sandisk model number or name + user manual it should bring up clean link. or if you do a search with sandisk model number or name + hard rest it may work

Where can you buy a usb cable for your mp3 player its a Sandisk sansa?

How to transfer sandisk music to window media player?

attach your Sandick device, and then go to 'My Computer'. Find out which icon goes to your sandisk by reading the titles. Then copy and paste all the music inside that folder to your desktop and open the songs in Windows Media Player. Success!

What format do videos need for a sandisk mp3 player?

wmv, and as long as it can be played by windows media player or quicktime then it's all good

How do you delete all videos on media player?

just delete it!!!!!!!

Where can you get the cheapest Sandisk sansa mp3 player?

Try online stores or eBay, but just watch out for expensive postage.

How do you delete a WolfQuest profile?

On single player you go onto single player then click on the saving you wanna delete then select delete or if you mean on the forums you ask a moderator to delete it for you. hope this helps :)

How do you delete songs from MP3 player?

right click on it and click on delete

Where is the best place to buy music for a Sandisk mp3 player?

there isn't really a bad place, i get all mine on iTunes

When you delete a song from your MP3 Player Playlist does it also delete it from the MP3 Player'?

No, but it might depend on the mp3 player...most of them won´t erase it

How do you delete songs of a sansa m240?

how do i delete my songs off my mp3 player

What MP3 player is ranked highest in customer satisfaction?

The MP3 player that is ranked highest in customer satisfaction is the Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip. This no frills player is fun and small and perfectly portable.

What does formatting do to my sansa c250?

If you format you delete EVERYTHING from your player. So unless you hate all your pictures, songs, presets and recording, I wouldn't format if I were you. I have already done it, it was quite sad.

How do you get the music on sandisk mp3 player?

read the instruction manual or just go to media player, press the sync, plug in your mp3 player, and drag songs to the side of the "sync list" then press sync...

How do you delete songs from sansa es250 mp3 player?

how can you delete the video for sansa e250R?

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