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In common with most other computer applications you need to know what the password is before you can remove it. This is to prevent unauthorised alterations.

Go to the Tool... Protection... Unprotect sheet menu and a dialog box will appear, in which you have to type the password.

You can Google 'Excel Password Unlocker' and it will give you many options.

It wont give you your old password but make you change it so you can get in.

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Q: How do you delete password from Excel sheet?
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Why can't you delete an Excel sheet?

It is possible to delete a worksheet in an Excel Workbook. Right click on the sheet tab, and it will give you the option to do so.

How do you unlock the Excel sheet without password?

You can't. You need the password to unlock it.

How do you delete rows in an excel sheet?

Select the row you want to delete, then right click and pick delete.

How to insert and delete a sheet in Microsoft Excel?

To insert a new sheet, click on the "Insert Worksheet (Shift+F11)" tab at the bottom where the sheet tabs hang. To delete a sheet, right click on the tab you want to delete and select the "Delete" option from the popup menu.

What removes cells rows and columns from a spread sheet in Excel?

The Delete command.

How do you unprotect an Excel worksheet?

In Excel 2007 and newer, click on the Review tab and select Unprotect Sheet. If you see Protect Sheetinstead of Unprotect Sheet, then the worksheet is not password protected.In Excel 2003 and earlier, follow this menu string:Tools --> Protection --> Unprotect SheetIf the worksheet has a password, you will need to enter the password to unprotect the worksheet. If there is no password, just leave the password section blank.

How do you insert a photo in Excel when the sheet is protected?

You do not enter anything into a worksheet that is protected, unless the protection settings allow you to do so. You need to unprotect the sheet, insert the photo, then protect the sheet again. If the protection is locked with a password, then you need to contact the spreadsheet author to get the password. There are many ways to remove the password from an Excel workbook, but I will not discuss that topic here.

What is spread sheet in Microsoft Excel?

Spreadsheet is a single sheet in the workbook while workbook is a collection of several spreadsheet. For Example: When you open an excel file then by default 3 spreadsheet is open. Sheet 1, sheet 2, sheet 3. You can add or delete a spreadsheet as per your requirement.

How you delete formula in excel sheet without deleting value?

we can use the option copy and then past special value.

Can you have a password on an Excel file?

Yes, you can protect the entire workbook or sheet in different levels according to your need - for example you can protect from changing the data in the workbook and only by entering a password in can be unlock it. To do so {in excel 2010} go to the Review menu and choose Protect workbook or Protect sheet

How do you recover the lost password in a protected Excel work sheet?

Suppose you have to view an important excel sheet data but you have forget the password then you need to do excel password recovery, unfortunately MS excel doesn't offer any option for password recovery. You can try the following steps but it will work in MS excel 2007 only. 1) Change file extension .zip from .xls/xlsx. 2) Extract this zipped file. 3) Go to the extracted files and navigate to the .xml for the target sheet (found in the 'xl\worksheets' directory) like filename.xml 4) Open this .xml file in to xml editor and file and find <sheetProtection password="CC58" sheet="1"/> line and remove it. 5) Now save this file and change extension back to .xlsx from .zip. You will be able to open your file successfully without any password.

In Excel a dialox box will appear before you delete a worksheet?

If there is any data in the sheet, then it will give you a dialog box when you try to delete it. If there is no data in it, then it will delete it without a dialog box. This is because you cannot lose anything when you delete it and you can easily add in another sheet if you did want one back.

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