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I know its mean to be L+R+X+right arrow. But is doesn't work

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Q: How do you delete saved characters in Resident Evil Deadly Silence?
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How do you delete save games in Resident Evil deadly silence?

At the screen where it says this game has scenes of explicit violence and gore, press and hold left+L+R+X until a typewriter screen shows up,its not to save but to delete a file,highlight one and press a and select yes.

How can you Delete characters in Mario Kart 7?

You can't, characters are permanent.

To delete selected characters press the delete key or the?

Back Space key.

How do you delete a Regnum account?

You can't fully delete it. However. you can delete all characters created on that account and be inactive.

What are two ways to delete characters?


How do you delete an adventure quest account?

you cant delete the account you can delete the characters though login then press the character you want to delete then a button says delete press that button

How do you delete custom characters in Lego batman 2?

you must first get 100% completion on the game before being able to delete/add custom characters.

What are the two keys of the key board that delete the character?

Backspace deletes the characters to the left of the cursor while delete deletes the characters to the right. (The cursor is the vertical line that flashes on and off where you are typing text)

How do you delete your Lego universe account?

Just delete all your characters on the character selection screen (right after you log in).

Is it possible to delete saved game files for Resident Evil 2 on the Nintendo 64?

Look for a delete function in options or data or records then choose delete and that's it.

In wizard 101 if you don't play for a long time will they delete your account?

i think if you type in abracadabra it doesnt work it just delete all of your characters.

What is the function of the delete key?

the delete key on a keyboard, erases characters on the left side of the cursor