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How do you delete saved characters in Resident Evil Deadly Silence?

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I know its mean to be L+R+X+right arrow. But is doesn't work

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How do you delete save games in Resident Evil deadly silence?

At the screen where it says this game has scenes of explicit violence and gore, press and hold left+L+R+X until a typewriter screen shows up,its not to save but to delete a file,highlight one and press a and select yes.

How can you Delete characters in Mario Kart 7?

You can't, characters are permanent.

How to delete a file on resident evil 4 for GameCube?

take the game disk out and start up the gamecube. go down to the memory card option, and delete your resident evil 4 squares.

To delete selected characters press the delete key or the?

Back Space key.

How do i delete saved game files for Resident Evil 2 on the Nintendo 64?

Look for a delete function in options or data or records then choose delete and that's it.

What is the difference between backspace and delete key?

The backspace key erases characters to the left of the cursor. The delete key erases characters to the right of the cursor.

Which two keys on the keyboard do you delete characters with?

Backspace deletes the characters to the left of the cursor while delete deletes the characters to the right. (The cursor is the vertical line that flashes on and off where you are typing text)

How do you delete save files from the resident evil 2 game pak for n64?

Look for a delete function in options or data or records.

How do you delete an adventure quest account?

you cant delete the account you can delete the characters though login then press the character you want to delete then a button says delete press that button

How do you delete custom characters in Lego batman 2?

you must first get 100% completion on the game before being able to delete/add custom characters.

What is the use for the delete key on a keyboard?

To delete characters. The delete key is similar to backspace because it can erase something if you highlight it. You can also delete programs and files with it.

How do delete Free Realms account?

In Order to Delete An Account, you Can either Delete all of your Characters, Or Ask the Freerealms Company to Delete it. Hope this Answers! xD

How do you delete wizard 101?

You can delete characters in the opening screen or drag the whole icon into Trash

How do you delete your Lego universe account?

Just delete all your characters on the character selection screen (right after you log in).

What is the most deadly computer virus?

System32 just search it on your computer and search it if you find it delete it!

Is it possible to delete saved game files for Resident Evil 2 on the Nintendo 64?

There may be a delete function in the game look under options or something on the lines of data or records and see if you can delete your files.

How to delete characters in monster hunter freedom?

create a character and save it to the one you want to deletethe only way to delete is by also deleting your save..Sorry but i googled it and that was the answer...

How do you delete a character on animal crossing wild world?

At the opening menu, after you touch the screen select other things. Then press erase resident and choose who you want to delete.

How do you delete characters on World of Warcraft?

First you log into your World of Warcraft account. Then select the realm that the character you wish to delete is on. Next click once on the character to delete, then hit the "Delete Character" button. It will ask you if you want to delete this character, if you do then type in the word "delete" and hit the accept button.

Who is the unlockable characters in street fighter 4?

Akuma Complete Arcade mode with all other unlockable characters Edit Delete Cammy Complete Arcade mode with C. Viper Edit Delete Dan Complete Arcade mode with Ryu and Sakura Edit Delete Fei-Long Complete Arcade mode with Abel Edit Delete Gen Complete Arcade mode with Chun-Li Edit Delete Gouken Complete Arcade mode with Akuma Edit Delete Rose Complete Arcade mode with M. Bison Edit Delete Sakura Complete Arcade mode with Ryu Edit Delete Seth Complete Arcade mode with all default characters

What removes the character to the right of the insertion point?

The delete key "Del" will delete characters that are to the right of the insertion point (not to be confused with the cursor which is the mouse pointer).

In wizard 101 if you don't play for a long time will they delete your account?

i think if you type in abracadabra it doesnt work it just delete all of your characters.

Do you lose all your characters when you upgrade your wow account?

No, you do not lose any characters when you upgrade your account. The only times you lose your characters is if you happen to delete them, or if Blizzard bans your account and deletes them.

Is it possible to delete characters by mistake in star wars Lego wii?

Yes and no. You can delete them by restarting the game as a new game, which will erase everything you achieved & bought in that one game. You cannot delete them by mistake, though.

How can you delete characters on Super Smash Bros. brawl?

The only way I know is getting to the level where all the characters disappear and turn into status. don't get the characters statue you don't want.