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Resident Evil is the most popular Horror-Survival based video game in history. Based around a zombie inducing virus created by the Umbrella Corp., Resident Evil has spawned numerous titles and movies. Released in 1996 for PlayStation, Resident Evil is a survival horror video game. Ask questions about characters, how to solve puzzles and find weapons here.

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Will there be another resident evil move next after afterlife?

Yes it does look like it, because of the cliffhanger they left at the end. I already can't wait to see it :) ...
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Where do you use the coins in Resident Evil 4?

They aren't coins, they are blue medallions, there are fifteen in total, but you only need to shoot ten of them to get the Punisher, for free from the Merchant. ...
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Where are some Resident Evil 4 hidden doors?

there is one hidden door down in a under ground room with a treasure in it try to make a search at google to show you the exact way ...
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Is there a specific name for the huge guy with the ax hammer in Resident Evil Afterlife?

In the film, he is referred to as the Axeman. However, he is based on an enemy in Resident Evil 5, which is called the Executioner, a type of majini. ...
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Can you control your character on resident evil the darkside chronicles?

It's on rails (type of game), so there is no way to control where your character moves. ...
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How do you get a A grade on Resident Evil 5 mercenaries?

Depends if you're doing Solo or Duo. A combo of around 30 would instantly get you an A grade on solo. Also, always kill the 'boss' Majini, be it an Executioner etc. You get lots of points for killing them. Try and keep your combo running as you try to kill it though. ...
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What is Umbrella Corp's new name?

In the canon story of the games, the Umbrella Corporation was shut down by the government in 2003. The only name it was known by was Umbrella, followed by the abbreviations Corp., Inc., or lesser known as Umbrella Pharmaceuticals. The company that rose to prominence after Umbrella's shutdown was named Tricell. Tricell is an entirely different entity that Umbrella, though. It is not a new name for the Umbrella Corporation. ...
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How do you play 2 players in Resident evil 5?

You first start up the regular campaign and once it loads up to whatever level you are on, the second controller presses start. ...
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How do you save in Resident Evil 2?

Throughout the game you'll come across so called "Save Rooms" inside these rooms are no zombies or other enemies, and you'll usually find an Item Box as well nearby. These rooms can also be recognized by its own unique tune. The only exception to this is the big main hall in the Police Station when you first enter, there'll be a Typewriter to Save, but no Item Box just yet. (It's in one of the other rooms connected to it). When you...
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What order should you play the Resident Evil games in including the main survivor outbreak series?

The order doesn't really matter. Resident Evil0, Resident Evil 1, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis, Resident Evil Survivor (s), Resident Evil Code Veronica, Resident Evil Outbreak, Resident Evil Outbreak 2, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. If I forgot any please change this answer. ...
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Can you get an electric gun on Resident Evil 4 for GameCube?

Its called a plasma cannon and its only unlockable in the special edition re4 along with ada's crossbow. ...
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Is there going to be Resident Evil 5?

There is a resident evil 5. Depends if you are talking movies or games, their is already a game but a 5th movie is being released 2012. ...
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Is Ada Wong From Resident Evil 4 Good Or Bad?

She is listed as an antagonist but she does do a couple of good things. I guess you decide whether she is good or not. ...
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What is the controls of Resident Evil zero?

Keep this in mind that I'm using the automatic default settings of the game. For Gamecube, Start=Skips cutscences. Can also tell your partner to come with you or to go alone. A=Shoot. B=Run. Control Stick/D-pad=Walk/Run. Hold the Control Stick/D-pad plus the B button. Control Stick/D-pad down plus B=Allows you to do a quick 180 degree turn. X=Switch between you and your partner. Y=Opens the status screen.L= Automatically aims at your enemies. R=Hold this button down plus the A button to shoot. Z=Opens...
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Will new Resident Evil be out in ps2?

No, sadly because the ps2 is now an outdated system, it is obsolete and will not get ANY more games. ...
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How do you get new clothes on Resident Evil 4?

to get the Racoon city police department costume you need to beat the game ps2 and wii to get the mafia outfit you must beat seprate ways ...
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Can you play as wesker in Resident Evil ds?

You can. but only in the wi-fi with another player. you can get him by beating the knife fight. ...
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Can your sexual position increase your chances of becoming pregnant?

You can, of course, get pregnant having intercourse in almost any position. However any position where the female is sitting, standing, or bending over should be avoided when you're trying to conceive. The sperm may have a very difficult time, if not impossible, getting to your lady's cervix. On Top Woman on top, bottom, sideways, upside down, it doesn't matter. Healthy, motile sperm along with fertile mucus that secretes from the woman will guide the spermies right up to where they should be. I...
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Is Resident Evil based on a true story?

Well duuuh! No it isn't. No but i got a feeling its pointing to the near future of real life ...
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Key code for PC game- nfs undercover?

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