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All the information you need to know about animals that have already become extinct.

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What do scientists believe caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?

Scientists have many theories about what caused the extinction of dinosaurs. Below are thoughts on some of the most common theories: Since about 90% of dinosaurs were herbivores (plant eaters), it was thought that when an asteroid hit earth and many tons of dust was thrown into the atmosphere that the result was a "long night" due to the lack of sunlight that was able to reach earth, the plants died out and without a food source, so did the dinosaurs. It could also...
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Why did the huia become exinct?

They were over hunted for feathers and as food
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Why did the tarpan go extinct?

Farmers got mad at them for eating their crops and considered them a nuisance so they killed them all. ...
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Why does animal extinction happen?

Animal extinction can be caused by a variety of things such as, over hunting, loss of habitat, loss of food source, polluted environment, even disease. So there are several reasons why it happens. Hope this helps. ...
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How long ago did Tasmanian tigers live?

The Tasmanian tiger, more correctly known as the Thylacine, was known up until 1936. This is when the last known Thylacine died in captivity. There have been no confirmed sightings since then. It was one of the biggest carnivorous marsupials, and native to Australia and New Guinea. ...
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What is extinction angle control?

extinction angle control is a scheme of forced commutation for power factor improvement in phase controlled convertors/rectifiers. In this scheme the firing angle is adjusted in order to get the desired output or load voltage. By varying the value of extinction angle we can get the desired load voltage and current waveform.......submitted by abhimanyu(sunny) ...
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What happens when an animal becomes extinct?

When an animal becomes extinct, there is little to no chance that science (as we know it) can bring this animal species back again. The world will have lost another unique and interesting animal species. When an animal becomes extinct, it also upsets the foodchain, which can disrupt the life cycle of other species. ...
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Do sea scorpions exist?

Sorry, but while sea scorpions used to exist, they are now extinct. They lived about 390 million years ago. ...
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How did the Mastodon become extinct?

Because 13,000 years ago the climate turned too warm so they could not adapt so they died. ...
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What was the first dinosaur with feathers?

This is a tricky question for many scientists for two reasons. The first being that feathers cannot be fossilized with the bone. We have to look for their imprints in the surrounding rock, and even those are rare. The second is that the line between dinosaur and bird is very thin. If you mean all dinosaurs including birds, then primitive fliers such as Archaeopteryx had the first feathers. If not, then a Early Cretaceous genus called Sinosauropteryx is the first known non-avian...
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Why is the thylacine dangerous?

The thylacine is no longer dangerous, as it is believed to be extinct. When alive, it posed no danger to humans. It was a carnivorous marsupial which preyed on birds and other mammals. ...
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Will black people ever become extinct?

no because there are lots of countries with black people like Sudan, America, India and lots more. ...
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Can dragons fly?

Western dragons are capable of flight thanks to a mixture of powerful wing muscles and hollow bones (like a bird). Eastern dragons use psychic energy to allow flight. ...
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What does an ichthyosaur eat?

mostly fish, but also mollusks such as ammonites
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What is the main reason plants and animals become extinct?

Incompatibility with environmental changes. The newest cause is pollution and toxins along with habitat invasion caused by humans. ...
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When did the stellar sea cow go extinct?

By 1768, 27 years after it had been discovered by Europeans, Steller's sea cow was extinct. ...
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How do animals become extinct or endangered?

This answer has been fully researched, and is as complete and detailed as is practical in this format. If you'd prefer a shorter, more condensed version, please see the question listed below this answer in the "Related Question" field above the "Related Links". The answer has been done in concert with this answer, and follows the progression of this information, if you find you need more details. An Endangered Species is any species, plant or animal that is "in danger" of dying out,...
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How much is a trilobite?

A trilobite is an extinct three lobed arthropod dating to the early Cambrian Period through to the late Permian period. These fossils can be purchased from as little as one USD through to several hundred dollars. ...
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How did the passenger pigeon get its name?

The term 'passenger' was taken from the French word 'passager' which means 'to pass by'. Passenger pigeons took quite a while to 'pass by' because in the 1800's and before, their flocks were so huge. This is probably where the name came from. ...
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Could the dodo bird fly?

No, the dodo could not fly. It was a flightless bird. The dodo was flightless because there was no need for it to fly. There were no natural predators in their habitat, until humans came along with dogs and rats, then wiped them out. ...
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How did the thylacine live?

Prior to their extinction, Thylacines (also known as Tasmanian tigers) lived in grasslands and bushland of Tasmania. There is also fossil evidence indicating that they lived on the Australian mainland. The Thylacine was a dasyurid, or carnivorous marsupial, which preyed on mammals smaller than itself. Being a marsupial, the female had a pouch. The Thylacine had a gestation period of one month, and the young spent another 3-4 months continuing their development in the pouch. ...
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Why do animals go extinct?

Some animals go extinct because they become extremely specialized for a particular environment or food item. When the environment changes, they cannot adapt fast enough, so they die out. ...
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Is there a zoo that repopulates animal life of almost extinct animals?

Answer Although this might be meant as the goal of most zoos, it is unfortunate that some, especially smaller zoos, care more for money than they do for their animals. By keeping them confined to small cages with little room to move, while taking the profits made from saving space, for more animals. On the other hand there are wildlife rehabilitation centres which save injured wildlife, then return them when they are healthy again. Answer The San Diego Zoo has a Center for Conservation...
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How do you use tact with diplomacy?

Be kind and polite to others. Don't make snap judgments. Also, try to put yourself in the other person's shoes (circumstances). Hope this helped! :) From Araceli!! =) ...
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When did the sea cow go extinct?

The Steller's sea cow (Hydrodamalis gigas) was hunted to extinction within 27 years of it's discovery by Europeans, in 1741. So they were extinct by 1768. The four remaining related species of manatee and dugong are currently in danger of extinction. ...