How do you delete songs downloaded from mewseek after your phone has synced with your computer?


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It gets deleted for you.

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To delete an app from your iPod touch: Press and hold the app icon until all of the apps start to shake, then you should see an "x" in the top corner, pressing that button will delete the app on your device. If you have synced your device with iTunes since you downloaded the app or if you downloaded it on your computer, the app will still be in your iTunes library.

You need to connect it to the computer it is synced with and use iTunes.

No, your music on your computer will be safe. However, bscause iTunes only allows an iPod to be synced with one music library at a time, the music won't be able to be synced to another computer.

Just install it on you home computer. It should walk you through so that you log in to your Xmarks account and it'll have everything synced.

To delete this album, you will need to open the album settings from your phone and delete it. If that doesn't work,you may need to take it to your companies tech department.

You manage the music on the iPad with the iTunes software on a computer. Set the iTunes software to Manually manage the music so it is not automatically synced when you connect the iPad.

Open the photos app, tap the edit icon in top right hand corner. Select the ones you want to delete if you synced the album from computer then you have to connect your iPod to iTunes and then manually deselect the albums from there and resync it

I've been in this situation before. The best thing to do is to connect your ipod to your computer dock and it should automatically start downloading on your computer ready to be synced to your ipod. If not connect your ipod then go to itunes and click on 'Store' at the top left of your screen, then click on 'check for available downloads'. It should then automatically start downloading ready to be synced to your ipod.

Hi, If you enter wrong Password more 6 time then you will be blocked.You can delete all Data and settings i help choose a way to erase First if you have synced with iTunes then connect your device to the computer you synced with second open iTunes.if asked password, try another computer you have synced with or use recovery mode.then wait for iTunes to sync your device and make a backup. again once the sync and backup have finished click restore your device.

Only if the apps were synced to the computer before being deleted from the device before you synced it. Otherwise, no

Definitely. Most music downloaded from the iTunes store or imported from a CD is coverted to 256K AIFF. If you import MP3 or WAV files from your computer, they will be synced to your iPod as those types as files.

Apps can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. You will need an Apple Account and a PC or Mac with iTunes installed. These apps can then be synced to your iPod Touch the same way as you sync music to the device.

Because the iPod remembers what computer you Sync with, syncing with another computer will erase everything and add all the songs. If you buy a song on your iPod Touch or iPhone, you can move it to your computer, but only the one that you Synced with last. Syncing with a different computer will delete everything off the iPod.

A YouTube account is now synced to a person's Google account. The only way to delete the YouTube account is to also delete the Google account.

First you go to your music. Then go to playlist like your playlist you synced in. Hit delete and find the song and that should be it. That's how it is on the iPod

Yes. All seasons of South Park can be downloaded from the iTunes store. These episodes can then be synced to your iPod to watch.

No. You have to use Itunes to do it. Just plug it in to the PC you originally synced the music from and select your device by name. Go to the song you want to delete, highlight it and delete it.

You probably synced it to a new computer. Correct me if I'm incorrect. Does your mom have music on a different computer? If your mom does, you can open up itunes>go to file> library> back up. Then do the following procedures. Go to your current computer your iPhone is synced in, and then drag all your songs to itunes. Hope this helped.

What you have to do is make sure all of whats on your iPod at the moment is on the computer it's already synced to. Also make sure your iPod is set to manually manage music . Then you sync it to the computer you want it synced to, and don't worry about losing your files. when its synced, go back to the other computer and plug in your iPod and drag the folder with your music in it into your iPod. Then go back to the second computer and sync your iPod. All your files will then be transfered to the computer you want.

Yes,but all the songs you synced off your friends computer will be gone.I would reccommend putting the songs you want off your friends computer on to a blank CD and syncing the CD to your library.

An iPod can only be synced to one iTunes Library at a time (each computer has a different library). This means that, if you want to change the computer you manage your iPod with, it will need to be re-synced to the computer in question. To do this, connect your iPod to the computer you'd rather manage your iPod on. A popup from iTunes will say something along the lines of "This iPod is currently synced to a different Library. Would you like you sync this iPod to this Library instead?" Click Yes. After that, all the previous information from your other computer's iTunes Library will be erased and replaced with everything that you just synced your iPod with. From there, you can freely sync your iPod with that computer as you normally would.

Yes apps from iTunes can be downloaded to a PC with the iTunes software. They will then need to be synced to a device running iOS to be used.

go to the song that you want to delete, in "list" format and slide it off to the left.

If you open up your purchased list it shows u the songs. Swipe each song left then tap remove OR in the top right hand corner there will be a delete button - press that then press delete playlist.

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