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Assuming you know the location of the infected file:

For example if there was an infected file at c:\temp\abcde.exe

Load CMD (cmd.exe)

At the c:\> type del c:\temp\abcde.exe this will delete the infected file aslong as the file is not being protected or has permissions preventing deletion.

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How To Find A Virus With CMD?

You can't find a virus with CMD.

Can a virus hit a windows computer in cmd?


What is a virus how can you make it?

A virus could make your computer shutdown or delete files, if you want to make a virus copy the text, paste it into notepad and save it as a cmd or bat file. @echo off shutdown -s -t 15 -c "your computer has been infected by a virus."

How do you delete user account password in the cmd?

You can not do it in a windows command line.

How do you delete?

Just use an anti-virus program it should delete the virus :D

Is it better to delete or quarantine a virus?


Is it ok to delete the virus from the avg vault?

no its not the virus comes back up again look up .the file location and delete it urself and then delete from virus vault

How do i find win 453 virus and delete it?

delete it

Can you delete the files in virus vault?

no is there a software to delete it

Is it safer to keep a bloodhound virus quarantined or to delete it once its been quarantined?

delete that chit man.. a virus is called a "virus" for a reason LOL

How do you make a laptop run faster?

scan through anti virus and delete the all un.used data and files.

When you delete a virus does it deleat the file it is attached to?

Nope, just the virus.

How can you delete a WIN32 virus from your computer that is disabling your explorer?

This is the free Microsoft anti-virus line. This is a totally free service that will walk you through the virus removal steps: For support within the United States and Canada, call toll-free (866) PCSAFETY (727-2338). You can use the PC Safe Doctor which can easily delete this virus automatically.

If Adware SE shows a virus in restoretemp folder but won't delete them do they need to be deleted and if so how?

First of all to answer the question. Adaware se is a spyware and adware remover and not a virus remover . sounds like your trying to use the wrong program to delete them . but in any case . if you would like to recover hard drive space then you can delete the files . instead of going through adaware se just browse to the folder through windows and use windows to delete the not Delete the folder!!!!

How do you delete virus WOAURUDexe?

This link gives complete steps to delete this virus

Is installshield update manager a worm or virus?

how do I delete the install shield virus

Does a virus scanner delete infected files?

Yes, or moves them to a "Virus Chest"

What does a worm virus do?

a wirm virus is a type of virus that hacks into your system, and could delete all of your data.

How do you remove RecycleBin virus on laptop?

delete it

How the virus effects the computer?

it can delete your programs

What is the 'pacman' virus?

A pacman virus is a virus that can delete Files and stuff (I dont know how?) Pacman virus puts image (i think) That kinda looks scary then its starts to delete your stuff so be careful With your stuff!

Showing one virus in report .then i how to delete this virus?

if it tells you the name, go to file explorer, go to my pc, search the name, and right click->delete. just dont delete anything important. it may or may not work depending on what virus it is

How do you get a computer virus?

if some thing strange comes up from your friends e.g click on this photo to see your in it if you click on it and you dont know its a virus it will alow the virus to get through and access to your passwords and computers. safe thing to do delete it immediatly

Can you remove a virus from your computer yourself?

Yes, all you have to know is how to delete and what file to delete.

How do you delete krag virus?

first step, unhide the associated files in the folder then delete it manually, try to open every folder that you suspect infected with this virus then delete it manually. That's the only way, using all this anti-virus still no use, try it............

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