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Unless it's your culture and you haven't met the man or you've met this person online, then they should know you well enough and be able to make their own conclusions as to your personality. I am going to base my post on the fact that neither of you have met with exception to possible letters, email messages or phone calls. While we must be honest with ourselves as to our strong/weak points we all have a couple of good points we can rely on. If you think you are pretty then say so, but more important honesty, loyalty and being trustworthy are extremely important. A good sense of humor never hurts as well. Only you know what you are about. Don't be hard on yourself and start seeing those fine points in your personality. What women can think are their downsides often are upsides to men. For instance, a girl may have freckles on her face and she hates them so much she tries to cover them up, but, her boyfriend or husband thinks she's the cutest girl he's ever seen. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Good luck Marcy

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2006-03-29 14:29:21
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Q: How do you describe yourself to a potential husband?
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