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How do you design your own line of sunglasses?

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well Oakley has an option of customizing your sunglasses

i dont know if it would count as your line, but its as close as i could find

just go to the oakley website and there should be a link at the bottom

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Where can you customize your own aviator sunglasses the color and engrave a name I need a website to customize and buy some aviator sunglasses I need to change the color and engrave a name inside?

Check out for customizable sunglasses. You can design your own sunglasses with their custom creator tool. Check out to create your own glasses or design your own sunglasses.

What designers have special lines for fashion sunglasses?

Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Salvatore Ferragamo all have their own sunglasses line. Stella McCartney, daughter of Paul McCartney, also has a line with prices that begin at $400.00.

Did jordin sparks design dresses?

yes; she has her own clothing line called 'Sparks'

You want designer sunglasses what designer should you get?

I would definitely go for Gucci Sunglasses or Chanel Sunglasses. They have their own class and style.

What eye accessory is mostly associated with the word wayfarer?

Wayfarer is referring to sunglasses manufactured by Ray-Ban. Wayfarer is the best selling design sunglasses in history, it is a classic of modern design in the 20th century.

Is it ok to wear anarchy brand sunglasses if you are a Christian?

Anarchy sunglasses are for people who live life on their own terms. As a Christian, are you living life on your own terms?

If you wear glasses can you still wear your favorite sunglasses?

Yhh suree , but you wont be able to see better in your sunglasses , because they are not to design to help your eyesight

What does Lindsay Lohan do recently?

Design her own line of clothing and have a fashion runway show that was considered a failure.

Is using the Synyster Schecter in your band illegal?

No it is his line of guitar but you bought it. He doesn't own the design so rock on!

Which sunglasses look best for someone with a narrow face?

The best sunglasses for someone with a narrow face would be a square type design and also something that is not too bulky .

How do you create an outfit on babydow?

In order to create an outfit on babydow, you have to have 3 passes, 1 to create a clothing design, and 2 to create a clothing line. Although, you might also have to get Arnica Workshop, which allows you to create your own line. You have to download the design of whatever clothing that you want to design.

Do you need to be a fashion design to open a fashion line?

Yes, you DO need to be a fashion designer to open your own fashion label/design. You dont necessarily have to be a famous one though.

Can you design your own LEGO mini figure?

It is possible and there are some on-line sites that sell designed Lego mini figures.

Does emanuel Khan have a line of sunglasses?

I know I bought emanuel khan sunglasses in the 1980's, but have not seen any since mine are covered in rhinestones.

History of sunglasses?

Sunglasses have been around for a long time. The true invention of sunglasses was somewhere between 1268 and 1289. In 1929, Sam Foster, founder of the Foster Grant company sold the first pair of Foster Grant sunglasses on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. By 1930, sunglasses were all the rage. What helped make sunglasses fashionable was a clever 1960s' style advertising campaign by the comb and glass firm of Foster Grant. By the 1970's Well-known fashion designers, as well as Hollywood stars made a huge impact on the sunglasses market. Some of the fashion designers created their own sunglasses line. Nowadays we cannot imagine a life without sunglasses. I hope I have answered your question!

Where can you design your own skates?

i mean where can u design ur own skates online

What are the benefits of being a fashion designer?

You get to design your own clothes =]You get to design your own clothes =]

How many pages does A Demon Of Our Own Design have?

A Demon Of Our Own Design has 288 pages.

Where can you design your own LEGO mini figure?

you can design your own minifigure at your near by lego store

Design your own wedding invitations online?

You can design your own wedding invitations and order them from Vistaprint. Or if you are gifted in graphic design, you could easily make your own using Photoshop.

What designer sunglasses was Jamie Foxx wearing in the video she got her own?


Can you wear regular sunglasses to watch the solar eclipse?

yes you can were you own glasses

Does Adam like to design clothing?

Adam has said in several interviews that one day he would love to design his own clothing line, but at this time he does not as he is too busy and involved in his music career and does not have time.

Where can you design your own shirt and buy it?

you can design your own shirt and have it tailor made at myownshirts [dot] com

Where did Wiz Khalifa get his glasses from?

Wiz Khalifa has his own line of sunglasses that he makes, as far as where they're located like what stores u can get them from I have no idea...I'd check on the net for more info on them they look kool