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dude just attack the biulding with weapons (not anti-infantry)

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They destroy buildings kill animals and humans

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In Online play- Get a couple of heroes, rush them and take out resource producing buildings. Heroes get lots of exp from buildings between levels 1-3.

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They destroy buildings if they are strong enough.

they were buried under the buildings.

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they destroy buildings and peoples houses

Yes they are very deadly. They can destroy buildings where you are in.

it can destroy buildings and could lead to death

Destroy ALL buildings first and then blast away at kojira

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The collective noun is a frailty of heroes.

completely rip them up and destroy them, as if they were cardboard or paper

Battelfield since you can destroy buildings and such.

Satchel charges and flame throwers

technically any seismic wave can destroy a building, but the one most likely to do it are the surface waves

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