Best Answer has manuals for the Auto-5

Definitely get the manuals. They are PDF files. You can't break it down all the way (taking the breach block out) or you may just mess it all up. But if you just don't want to look up the manuals, the following is the basic break down.

Make sure the gun is unloaded and on safe.

Lock the breach block back so the breach is open.

Place the butt on the floor or on a table where you can still comfortably reach the muzzle.

Push down on the muzzle to push the barrel slightly back into the receiver.

Unscrew the magazine tube cap screw and take it off.

Very slowly release pressure on the barrel and carefully remove it (if you just let go the recoil spring could force the barrel off and damage the gun.

DO NOT release the breach block, under normal operation the barrel keeps it from hitting the front of the ejection port, if you release it without the barrel it will damage the receiver. (I actually hold the breach back and release it, then slowly close it just to avoid an accidental release while I am cleaning the gun).

Remove the fore end. Be careful not to sqeeze the back of it too much or it may crack.

Now with the barrel and fore end off you can take off the brass ring, the recoil spring, and the smaller friction ring.

You can also remove the magazine spring from inside the magazine; however I don't know that it is necessary to clean the gun. Normal cleaning of the recoil spring and friction rings along with the bolt face and ejector can be accomplished at this stage.

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Q: How do you detail strip an auto five?
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