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a star is rare a diamond is uncommon and a circle is common

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EDIT: It depends on the card, the condition, and the rarity.

They may be a collectable worth a lot depending on their appearance and rarity.

It depends on the rarity of the card and what type of card it is. Holographic cards are worth more than normal card. Promos are the most expensive cards.

They ruin the balance of rarity vs. utility. The same goes for all card games.

There is a set symbol in the middle-right of each Magic card that can show you the rarity of the card. Black means common, silver for uncommon, gold for rare, and red for mythic rare. This, however, only applies to cards that aren't old. Many old cards don't color-code the rarities, and some particularly old sets don't even have set symbols printed on the cards. For these, you can use Wizards of the Coast's Gatherer site to find out the rarity of that card.

No. The autographs on the cards are clearly fake and printed on the card. They determine the cards' rarity and added statistics. Any card listed on an ebay auction with the term auto in the title is misleading and should be reported.

The prices on one Legendary Bird can vary. Articuno can range from .99$ to 15$+ depending on its rarity and condition. Zapdos can range from .99$ to 30$ depending on its rarity and condition. Moltres can range from .99$ to 15$+ depending on its rarity and condition.

Upon their rarity, quality and the person in question

Not necessarily. You get at least one foil card in every pack, and many promotional sets will have a shiny card in. Some cards are both rare and in foil, but foilness alone doesn't imply rarity.

Normally it depends on the rarity of the card so it means the are expensive because of the rarity.

The numbers of stars on the card

It depends on the rarity of the cards: For example: The rarest pokemon card (prerelease raichu) was recently sold for $10,000. On average, however, the answer is $300 (with the average price being 15 cents) If you have a lot of common cards my guess would be about 100$, but you should check on some websites and check the real price of the card.

5 dollars ish. Sodl by Burger king for 2 dollars but prices have gone up because of rarity.

It mainly depends on the rarity of the card and the demand. Some people list it for .99$-3$ or it can go as high as 50$ because of the increased population. PokePrices can help you determine the price of the card, but eBay has a larger collection of cards, even the rarest card in the world. I'd look at one of the sites to see the average price the card have been sold at.

There is not shadow Pokemon card but there is dark Pokemon cards.

Rarity and usefulness are completely unrelated.

Yes, it depends on the rarity and how it looks.

i dont know. can you tell me what pokemon cards you have. The level is one of the things that defines old pokemon cards from new pokemon cards. (I think.)

Use a super rode in front of the Pokemon League. Rarity 10%

Yes, of course they are worth more money! It also depends on what the card is and its rarity. You can search up a cards rarity online. You can sell cards on eBay (or any shopping site) for high price, and if its rare, or holographic or something like that, people WILL buy it :)

It depends on what the card is, and its rarity. A normal rare card would just be out of a bought pack. Somethings would be much rarer. Like a tournament or contest prize.

shadowless Pokemon cards are very rare and they have no shadows I HAVE THE COMPLETE COLLECTION OF SHADOWLESS POKEMON CARDS

Most pokemon fans have at least one pack of pokemon cards. But in my case i have over 250 cards.

It is said to have 11 cards in a single booster pack of Pokemon cards.

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