Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokémon TCG is a card game based off of the Pokemon video games. They have been in publication since 1996.

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Pokemon Trading Card Game

How much is the agent mew card worth?

It is worth a lot because it gives you a mew

Pokemon Trading Card Game

How strong is the Egyptian mew Pokemon card?

well in my opinion i think it should be pretty strong (since I've never seen one and it should have some power to it depending on its move setup and level (if it as one....)

  • so save it until your really in trouble or if your losing to some amazing player
  • or if your just collecting keep it and trade for a level x or something.
  • or if you want to sell it if its not a good price then just keep it for another year or so

and if that's not good advice than i don't know what to tell you

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Do they still make Pokemon Cards?

Yes, they do.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

How many agent mew cards are there?


Pokemon Trading Card Game

Whats the best Pokemon card ever?

It really depends on what you mean by "best"-most valuable, most powerful or most useful.

The most valuable would be the Illustrator Contest Promo card. It was never officially sold, never released in English, and worth somewhere around $20,000. The cards were given away as prizes in a Japanese drawing contest and only four are thought to exist.

The most powerful is the Shadow Lugia Promo Card. This card was only given out at official Nintendo events and card tournaments. It has 300 HP and does 1000 attack with 4 psychic energies. However, it is not tournament legal- no jumbo cards are (There are also a lot of other jumbo cards that similarly do over 1000 damage, a bit O.T.T in a battle me thinks xD)

For the most useful, I mean in the TCG tournaments. Here's a fairly updated list with new cards in for deck idea.


Though blantaly, Charizard is awesome and is considered the best of best.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

What does the Ancient Mew Pokemon card say?

Here is what it exactly says on the card:

The writing on the top left says: MewThe thing on the top right that looks like HC means HP and the triangle next to it means 30, so it has 300HP.

Under the picture where it has the writing says: 2 Psychic Energy required to do the Psyche move that will do 400 damage.

It's retreat cost is 2 colourless energy and it's type is Psychic.

Where the line is after where it says the attack, it says:

New Species

Little God or Evil?

it doesn't have any resistant thing

Surrounding the central picture of Mew are four symbols (from top, clockwise): Birth, Enthronement, Right of Succession and Death.

On the back it shows 7 coloured circles of energy surrounding the Pokeball

Pokemon Trading Card Game

What does the ancient mew card do?

i think nothing, it's just for collecting

Pokemon Trading Card Game

What does hp mean on Pokemon cards?

Health Points

Pokemon Trading Card Game

How much is a first edition promo mew card worth?

Well it mostly depends. Great condition: 1,500 to 2,000 dollars, okay condition: 500 to 250 dollars.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Can you buy Pokemon cards in stores?

yes. they sell them in many places for example, Target. there is another store called cardzilla which sells many types of cards

Pokemon Trading Card Game

How much does a pack of Pokemon cards cost?

A pack is $3.99 at Walmart or Target.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

What are shadowless Pokemon cards?

shadowless Pokemon cards are very rare and they have no shadows I HAVE THE COMPLETE COLLECTION OF SHADOWLESS POKEMON CARDS

Pokemon Trading Card Game

What online store can you sell your Pokemon cards?


Pokemon Trading Card Game

Who is the most rarest pokemon card?

Obviously the original Charizard! But there is a possibility that Shadow Lugia or Crystal Lugia is pretty rare, but not he rarest. there is a pokemon card with only 6 copies in the world.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

What is the value of Pokemon trading cards?

EDIT: It depends on the card, the condition, and the rarity.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

How do you read Pokemon card ancient mew?

it says mew hp 30 (psycic type)

(picture is here)

(this attak takes 2 PSI energy) "psyche" (damege) 300

new species

little god...or evil

weakness:PSI resistance:none

retreat cost (2 of any kind of energy)

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Is there a webste that you can get Pokemon cards for free?

HI, i wnat a big market place on Bangladesh. I know one online fashion house munshiganj .

Pokemon Trading Card Game

How can you spot a rare Pokemon card?

In the lower right-handed corner there is a black circle, black diamond, black star or a white star. The circle means common. The diamond means uncommon. The star means rare. The "white" star means ultra rare! Save those!

Pokemon Trading Card Game

How much is a Squirtle pokemon card worth?

it depends really, if its a holo, first edition- all sorts of things check on ebay

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Pokemon Trading Card Game

How many ancient mew cards are there?

There was many cards given out in 2000 but some got damaged or lost then they started becoming rare but there is still millions in mint condition it's just people don't trade them. I have an ANCIENT MEW off of EBAY.COM and I plan to get more to sell when they are really rare. IF U GO ON EBAY U CAN FIND THEM KINDA' CHEAP BUT SOME ARE EXPENSIVESHORTER:=No one knows how many there are in the world and it's almost impossible to figure out but there is at least 3 Million.=

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Who invented Pokemon the card game?

Who invented Pokemon??? Find out here!!!The inventor of Pokemon was Satoshi Tajiri. They originally were called Poketta Monstaa which meant Pocket Monster in Japanese. Then a while later it was changed to Pokemon because it was a lot shorter than saying Pocket Monster. It was first made in 1996 as a charactors in a gameboy game that was only made in Japan and then there came the tv hit series. After that in 1999 came the first version of the Pokemon card trading game where a person would have a deck of 60 cards containing 20 Pokemon, 30 energys, and 10 Trainers. They would battle each other using certain attacks to try and defeat the other trainers Pokemon and then they would chose a prize card out of 6 and put that in their hand. So the game has been continuing for many years now and they have been coming out with different types of booster packs of Pokemon called Fire/Leaf, EX Delta Species, and many more and including the newest type Diamond and Pearl. So I hope this has answered your question of who originally invented the awesome game of Pokemon.

It was also a TV show around 1997.

answer the first answer answers your question but i know where to get a manuel and game board. target dialega card set 32.00 bucks.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Does amazon cheat selling pokemon cards?

Well I don't know what exactly you're talking about, but if you mean amazon selling fake pokemon cards than yes. Me and my friends bought some pokemon cards from amazon but they all turned out to be fake.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

What was the first pokemon card made?


Pokemon Trading Card Game

How do you print Pokemon cards?

You can't print valid Pokemon cards with your daily printer. They only make them at factories. The paint is super expensive and the machines create every single card by using drops of paint and putting them in a row until the card is finished.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

What store can you buy a Pokemon card binder?



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