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Q: How do you determine if my home is in both my name and my spouse?
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Can a spouse take a home equity line without the other spouse?

Depends who's name is on the mortgage. If both names are on, then you would need both spouse's to take out a home equity line of credit.

In Texas can a spouse whose name is on the deed and mortgage sell their house without the other spouse consent?

If both names are on the deed, then both signatures are required. If the spouse has signed a quit claim deed to the home, then the other does not need consent.

Does a spouse have the right to money received from a home equity loan if the loan is in the other spouses name but the deed is in both their names?

Yes they do

Can a spouse and her children from a prior marriage be forced to vacate a home if that spouse's name is not on the deed after a restraining order is served to that spouse?

The spouse can, but not the children.

Can a cosigner who is a spouse refinance without the primary spouse?

Not if you are both on Title unless they forge your name.

If a mobile home in the name of only one spouse and they die is the other spouse resposible for the the debit?

The estate of the deceased is responsible for the debts. The spouse is going to have to pay the debt as a beneficiary of the home purchased by the spouse.

If one spouse has an unpaid tax lien on their credit can the home loan be put in the name of the other spouse with no problems?


What is Cole Sprout's real name?


In New Jersey is the surviving spouse cars solely in the deceased names?

In New Jersey a car is the property of the person listed on the Certificate of Title. If the car is in the surviving spouse's name then it is not in the deceased spouse's estate. If the car was in the name of the deceased spouse, then it is in the decedent's estate, even if they both considered it to be the surviving spouse's car and was used solely by that spouse. The sole determining factor is whose name is on the Certificate of Title.

If I am married but don't want to be can I sign a lease in fl and not put my husbands name on it can i keep him out of the house?

There is no requirement that you put a spouse on your rental agreement in Florida. If this were your primary home and you were purchasing it, then there would be requirement that both are on title or the one spouse sign document acknowledging they have the right to be.

Can a spouse serve on the board of directors of a condominium if his name is not on the deed?

You need to review the Master Deed to determine if the Board of Directors must be comprised of property owners. If that is the case then your spouse would not be eligible.

What is decent surname for my partner and me to take after our Civil Union?

Your options are for one spouse to adopt the other spouse's current or former name, to create a hybrid version of a current or former name of each spouse (using hyphenation or even creating a new word using syllables from both names), or both spouses adopting a completely new last name.