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How do you determine polarity?

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Polarity is described as how much pull on electrons one element in a bonding. For example, in water, hydrogen has a partial positive charge and oxygen has a partial negative charge. This means that the electron has a strong pull closer towards the oxygen more than the hydrogen. We can therefore conclude that oxygen has a higher polarity.

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How do you determine the polarity of a substance?

The polarity depends on the difference between the electronegativities of the elements involved in the bond.

Determine the strength of polarity?

The strength of polarity can be determined from looking at the level of polarity an object has. Polar bonds can make objects stronger or weaker.

What are some properties of water that are determine by its polarity?

My Penis

How do you determine the polarity of a molecule?

verify this molecules on aqutic solution.

Why ratio and polarity test is performed to transformer?

Polarity tests are conducted to determine whether a transformer is an additive or subtractive type. Knowing the polarity of a transformer is important when two or more are to be paralleled.

How can one determine the polarity of a magnet?

One can determine the polarity of a magnet quite easily. It's as simple as tying a string around the magnet around the center, and then holding up the magnet on the string so it can turn free. The magnet will point to either the south or the north, determining polarity.

According to the pattern of half-cell potentials what determines the polarity of a cell?

According to the pattern of half-cell potentials, what seems to determine the polarity of a cell?

How can the shape of the molecule determine its polarity?

a symmetrical molecule cancels out the effects of polar bonds

How can the shape of a molecule determine its polarity?

A symmetrical molecule cancels out the effects of polar bonds.

How can polarity help determine solubility?

As a quasi-general rule polar compounds are dissolved in polar solvents.

What factors determine the distance a substance travels up the paper in chromatography?

Rf value. polarity of solvent

How do you compare the polarity of molecules?

The polarity of a molecule is quantified by its dipole moment. Calculating the dipole moment of a molecule (except if it is zero or completely non-polar) is not a simple task however, and it is generally determined experimentally.See the Related Questions to the left for how to determine the polarity of a molecule.

When connecting power supplies that convert ac to dc note that the diode will determine the load polarity?

This statement is correct

What three things determine whether a solute will be soluble in a given solvent?

Bonding, polarity of the particles, and intermolecular forces between particles determine if a solute will be soluble in a given solvent.

What are two examples of polarity?

-- negative polarity -- positive polarity

How does a drawing of polarity water and the bond polarities make a major contribution to the overall molecular polarity look?

The polarity is a vector quantity. The resultant of the polarity of bonds determines the polarity of the molecule. In CO2 there is polarity between the two C-O but the polarity is equal and opposite in direction so CO2 doesn't have polarity. If the polarity of bonds is not cancelled then the polarity remains in the molecule.

Explain the role of molecular geometry in determining molecular polarity?

The molecular geometry of a compound helps to determine polarity because, it indicates the number of lone pairs on a central atom thus giving it specified angles and polarity (only if there are lone pairs because if there are no lone pairs on the central atom, them it is non-polar).

What determine polarity in the battry?

Nothing its both Negative and Positive it just has different contacts that collect either negative or positive ions

What is the need for reversing polarity?

Reversing polarity ,changes the rotation of the device you are changing polarity on.

Why do you do polarity test of transformers?

In order to determine how the secondary windings of two or more transformers must be connected together when the transformers are to be operated in parallel.

What determine whether charges attract or repel?

The polarity of charges determines whether they attract or repel. Polarities are usually labeled as positive or negative.

Does space have polarity?

No. Electromagnetic fields have polarity.

What is the polarity for CCL4?

Its polarity is zero.CCl4 is non polar

What is the polarity of sodium bicarbonate?

what is the polarity of sodium bicarbonate

What is the difference between individual bond polarity and molecular polarity?

bond polarity is the polarity particular bond within a molecule, while molecular polarity is the polarity of the whole molecule. take for example water (H20): you could find the bond polarity of each H-0 bond (polar covalent), or the polarity of the whole molecule together (polar, because the electronegativity of oxygen is higher than the hydrogen atoms)