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How do you determine the number of gallons of water in a round pool 25ft x 4ft?

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The calculation for a ROUND pool is:

Diameter x Diameter x Depth X 5.9 = Number of Gallons

For example:

For example, the volume of a 15-foot round pool with an actual water depth of 3 ft is: 15x15x3x5.9 = 3,982 gallons.

Please note that the DEPTH is the ACTUAL water depth NOT the height of the pool wall (the water is usually around 6 inchs lower than the wall height).

Hope this helps ...

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A 33-foot round pool with 4 feet of water contains about 25,700 gallons of water.

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A 36-foot round pool with 52 inches of water is holding around 33,109 gallons. If the water depth was 48 inches, the gallons decreases to 30,585 gallons.

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A 2-foot round pool with 12 inches of water is holding about 23.6 gallons of water.

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