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If someone is seeking damages from an injury as a result of an auto accident and they are not satisfied with the offer from the insurance company I would suggest that a lawyer be consulted.

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Q: How do you determine the value of scarring due to the negligence of another person in an accident when reporting it to the insurance company?
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You and your mother are under the same insurance policy. however your mother hits your car by accident. would reporting the accident increase your mothers insurance would you be covered?

Yes, Your joint policy will cover the accident. You should contact your agent to determine if any points or rate increase would apply.

Would auto insurance cover the damage costs for a DUI accident?

Yes your auto Insurance will typically have to pay for your acts of negligence, Such as driving while intoxited, They may then cancel your policy due to your negligence.

How are accident classifications used?

To determine the appropriate notification, investigations, and reporting procedures.

What is the passive voice of The driver's negligence caused a serious accident?

"A serious accident was caused by the driver's negligence."

How long does a insurance adjuster take to verify a car that has been in a accident?

He will be able to tell it has been damaged in a crash immediately He may take weeks to determine if the crash happened as described by the person reporting it.

How quickly should an auto accident claim be filed?

An auto accident claim should be filed after the accident happened. Be sure to have a police report and the other parties insurance information before reporting your claim.

What is comparable negligence auto insurance?

Comparative negligence works by assesing a percentage of negligence to all involved parties in an accident. Let's say an accident occurs with two totalled cars and some medical bills. One party has $100,000 in total damages and was was found to be 10% at fault for the accident.The other person was deemed to be 90% negligent. The person with only 10% negligence could collect $90,000, or 90% of the total value of their claim/damage from the other party.

What is the purpose of accident reporting?

purpose of accident reporting to prevent further occurrence and to learn a lesson from it.

Why is it necessary to have effective accident and incident reporting procedures that are understood by all staff?

Effective accident and incident reporting is vital for all staff members to create a record of the event for insurance purposes. It also encourages people to work safely because they know when they do not they will be recorded by their peers.

Will my car insurance cover this accident in new jersey?

Contact your insurance provider and go over the policy to determine if you are covered for said accident. Not all accidents will be technicalities or covered, so its good to be in the know. Contact your insurance providers immediately.

What if the accident was 50-50?

Most Insurance companies call this contributory negligence. Kind of like when both sides commit offsetting fouls in a football game. Each victim's insurance cover their insured and call it a draw.

Someone hit you an Neither I or other driver has insurance on our car who is at fault?

Who is at fault has to do with the accident itself not the insurance coverage. A police report of the accident and looking at the proximate cause of the accident help determine fault.

What constitutes negligence on a motor vehicle insurance policy holder?

The negligence includes failure to renew the policy on time,timely intimation to the Insurance Company in case of any accident to depute Surveyor for on the spot inspection, to keep the Original policy, Registration Certificate issued by Motor Vechicles Department, Smoke Test Certificate etc. in the vehicle itself.

In south Australia Can you lose demerit points after reporting an accident?

For the act of reporting the accident I don't believe so, infact you're more likely to be in trouble for not reporting it.

What are the requirements on reporting an accident to insurance company if it is not your fault?

Most companies do not require you to report the accident to your own insurance company, but if you later find out the person did not have valid insurance or the other insurance company refuses to pay and then you later have to file a claim on your policy, it will slow down the claim process. Plus, each state has a statute on the time limit you have to file a claim and want it to be covered.

How important is it to have accident insurance?

It is important to have accident insurance in order to be prepared for the unexpected. Having accident insurance will prevent major expenses but not all resulting in an accident.

How does an insurance company determine the amount of money to give you for your car when it's totaled in an accident?

The insurance company will only pay the 'book' value of the vehicle as if it were in perfect condition unless damage prior to the accident was discovered and that damage will be deducted from the 'book value'.

Insurance company feels my car is repairable after accident?

In the event of an accident you would take the car to a repair shop approved by your insurance company and then they would determine whether or not your car is worth fixing or to payout the "Kelly blue book" value of your vehicle.

Does your Texas home owner's insurance cover you for your negligence in causing an accident with injuries or death to 3rd parties while you are participating in a car and motorcycle club event?

No, your homeowners insurance is specific to your home and certain liabilities that arise from home ownership. Auto and motorcycle accidents are covered by your "Auto or Bike Insurance" not by your home insurance.

What happens in an accident where nobody has insurance?

If two cars crash and neither driver has insurance, the police officer arriving on the scene will of course both issue you tickets for no insurance, and your license can be suspended. The officer will also determine who was at fault, generally the faulty party is responsible for damages. Otherwise you are both on your own for being negligent for not having insurance at the time of the accident.

What is liability auto insurance?

Liability auto insurance protects you from judgments against you in the event that you cause damage with your vehicle. In Nebraska, it usually appears represented in this way: 100/300/100. In that representation, 100 refers to $100,000 worth of coverage per person for Bodily Injury caused by your negligence, 300 refers to the aggregate per claim limit of $300,000 in Bodily Injury caused by your negligence, and the final 100 refers to $100,000 worth of coverage for property damage per accident as a result of your negligence.

If your daughter lets someone drive your car and they do not have auto insurance and gets into an accident will my insurance cover the cost of repairs?

They would not be covered under your policy, But due to implied permissive use rules you can be held negligently liable. So your auto insurance may provide a defense for you under a negligence claim against you.

What companies offer accident forgiveness insurance?

Allstate, Liberty Mutual, GEICO, and Nationwide offer accident insurance to customers seeking accident insurance.

Can you get insurance at the scene for a accident?

Trying to get insurance to cover an accident that has already happened is Insurance Fraud, which is a Felony.

What does personal accident insurance cover?

Personal accident insurance covers the insurance in case of an accident during working hours and leisure time. Accident insurance varies based on the premium, but it usually covers the hospital expenses and additional expenses.