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How do you determine the volume of your round above ground pool?

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2005-05-26 20:24:28

Measure the diameter, that is the distance from one side

directly to the other side as you cross the center. Take that

distance and divide it by two to get the radius. Then measure the

height of the pool, i.e. how far it measures from top to bottom

along the side. Apply the formula pie x radius squared x height.

I.e. take the radius measurement and multiply it by itself (square

it) and then multiply that number by 3.14 (pie) and then multiply

that number by the height. Your final number will be the volume in

whatever units you measured the height and radius, i.e. inches

cubed or cubic inches if your radius and height were in inches. OR,

if you don't want to do THAT, you will need two things. 1. $5 an

hour 2. A mathematician Here's a somewhat simpler formula which

uses the dimensions in feet and gives the answer in gallons:

diameter X diameter X depth X 5.9 = volume in gallons This and

formulas for other shapes can be found here:


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