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Measure the diameter, that is the distance from one side directly to the other side as you cross the center. Take that distance and divide it by two to get the radius. Then measure the height of the pool, i.e. how far it measures from top to bottom along the side. Apply the formula pie x radius squared x height. I.e. take the radius measurement and multiply it by itself (square it) and then multiply that number by 3.14 (pie) and then multiply that number by the height. Your final number will be the volume in whatever units you measured the height and radius, i.e. inches cubed or cubic inches if your radius and height were in inches. OR, if you don't want to do THAT, you will need two things. 1. $5 an hour 2. A mathematician Here's a somewhat simpler formula which uses the dimensions in feet and gives the answer in gallons: diameter X diameter X depth X 5.9 = volume in gallons This and formulas for other shapes can be found here:

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Q: How do you determine the volume of your round above ground pool?
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How many gallons of water in a 16 foot round above ground swimming pool fifty-four inches deep? This website is for ponds but the formula is the same to determine volume.

How deep are above ground pools?

up to six feet with a dish style bottom on round above ground pools.

How many gallons of water in a round 18' x 52'' above ground pool?

If it is a round 18' in diameter and a constant 52" deep then the volume is 158.6 gallons per inch. 52 inches would then be 8247.2 gallons.

How many gallons are in a 18x54 above ground round pool?

8,600 gallons.

What is the volume of a pool 14' round by 3.5' deep?

I have a 12' above ground round pool that is fillable up to about 29 inches and it holds roughly about 1600 gallons so yours will probably hold more than 2000 gallons.

What size to build cement floor for 14' round pool above the ground?

I used a sand base for our 20' round above ground pool. It's much easier to deal with after the pool is gone. Greener too.

How many gallons of water are in an above ground 28 foot diameter x 48 inch deep above ground pool?

Your round pool has a volume of 2463 cubic ft. The formula to achieve this is Pi * (radius squared) * depth of 4 ft. Converting this to U.S. Gallons comes to 18,425 gallons.

How do you measure the height of a round above the ground pool for a beaded liner?

Pie times the radius squared

How many gallons in a 10' x 30 Round above ground swimming pool?

30 gallons

Can you make an oval pool into a round pool.. Are the ground wall bar tracks the same that came with the oval to design a round from it?

Due to the differences in engineering and the parts involved, there really is no way to convert an oval above ground pool into a round pool.

Dmitri is looking up at the top of a flag pole. His line of sight is forming a 39ยฐ angle with the ground. His eyes are 5.8 feet above the ground. How high is the top of the flagpole above the ground Round to the nearest foot?

36 ft

How many gallons of water are in a 15-foot round above ground swimming pool with a 4ft?

5300 Gal

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