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Go to the pros! Just like buying Golf clubs for left/right-handed people to height, the sales person selling you the guitar should know their stuff.

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How do you determine the size of a bass guitar?

Size is measured in a few different ways. The width of the neck which would have to do with how many strings the bass has 4 being the most common. Also size is measured by how many frets the bass has. The more strings the wider the more frets the longer.

What is the difference between the double bass and a bass guitar?

A bass looks like a massive violin or cello. It stands to about mid-chest level. A double bass is much larger and stands usually to about your head. A bass guitar is more like an electric guitar in size.

What is the average size of a bass guitar?

40 inches long

Why is bass guitar spelled bass guitar instead of base guitar?

Because of music theory. The bass guitar is played in the bass clef.

What is the jack size of a bass guitar amp?

it is an instrument used by the professionals

Can i use the guitar in guitarhero world tour as bass or do i have to get the bass?

The guitar can be used as a guitar or bass.

What is the difference between a guitar and a bass guitar?

First of all, a "bass-guitar" is not a "bass-guitar" it's a electric bass. To tell the difference between a electric bass and a guitar is the electric bass has a lower sound to fit into the beat and the guitar has a higher pitch sound, even a acoustic guitar.

Who plays the Bass guitar?

The Bass Guitar Player.

How is the Bass Guitar made?

How is a bass guitar made?

Is the electric bass considered a guitar or another instrument?

The bass is considered a guitar... That's why they call it "bass guitar"

What is a guitarone?

The guitarron is the bass guitar commonly used by mariachis. It is about the size of a bass fiddle and hangs from the player's neck by a strap.

Are bass guitar and slap bass different instruments?

A bass guitar is an instrument. Slap bass is a technique. Slap bass is one of many stlyes of techniques which is used to play the bass guitar.

How is a bass guitar made?

using bass guitar material

Why does a bass of a guitar have longer strings than a regular guitar?

The guitar strings are not as loose as the bass guitar

In super bass is bass pronounced bass as in fish or bass as in guitar?

Bass as in Guitar. Otherwise it would mean Super Fish.

Can an electric guitar be a bass guitar?

No. Because of the thickness of the strings, an ordinary 6-String electric guitar could not produce a sound that low compared to a regular bass guitar. For example the size of the strings for a 6-String electric guitar varies between 0,008 and 0,046 - thinner than the bass guitar's strings 0,050 and 0,110.

What is the bass guitar?

a guitar

Can you have multiple careers on Guitar Hero metallica?

yes... you can do single player in guitar,bass,drums or mic........or you can do band tour on guitar and bass, guitar and drums, guitar and mic, bass and drums, mic and bass, mic and drums.

Are guitar and bass amps the same?

No. Guitar amps and bass amps are set up very differently. You should never play a bass guitar through a guitar amp, as you will blow out the speakers of the guitar amp. Guitar amps are not meant to project the low frequencies of a bass guitar.

Can you play a bass guitar through a regular guitar amplifier?

You can but the size of you guitar amp and its speaker will affect the sound. If you have a larger speaker in your guitar amp you'll probably be able to produce more of the frequencies of the bass guitar that a proper bass amp would. Electric bass guitars produce a louder sound than electric guitars so be careful not to blow your amp. Turn the volume output down on the bass guitar. I don't know for sure but I imagine if you don't use care you could probably damage a valve guitar amp by playing a bass too loudly through it.

Is it better to learn Bass Or Guitar first?

Guitar - If you can play guitar, you can play bass. Learning bass (4strings) Then trying to learn 6 strings is a pain for most people, and if you looks, most guitar players can play bass, not all bass players can play guitar.

What is an acoustic bass?

An acoustic bass, also known as an acoustic bass guitar, is a variety of bass guitar played without electric amplification, generally as accompaniment to an acoustic guitar.

Can any bass amp work with any bass guitar?

Yes, any bass amp works with any bass guitar

Which is harder to play guitar or bass?

Bass uses your ear to determine what sound you make, and guitars have a fret board which almost all guitars have labels for the frets. Generally, its easier to play the guitar, Only because you can pick it up easier than the traditional bass.

How long is a Bass Guitar?

The usual length for the neck of a bass guitar is 34".