How do you develop personal authority?

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First - know yourself and your beliefs

Personal Authority is about knowing what you believe and acting

accordingly. Authority by definition implies certainty and

understanding. If you do not know what you believe you cannot be

said to have Authority over yourself.

Second - Act

Knowing what you believe is only good in that it guides your

actions. If you don't act on your beliefs then you will lose your

personal authority. By acting in accordance with your beliefs you

gain personal authority.


a) If you say that you don't think it is right to criticize

people, then spend an hour criticizing the people who do criticize

others, your personal authority will diminish.

b) If you state that you believe that racism is wrong and come

to the aid of a person being persecuted for their race, at your own

cost, your personal authority will increase. Anyone who witnesses

something like this will remember it for a long time to come.

Third - Stay the course

Once you know what you believe you cannot back down simply

because your belief is not popular, or because peer pressure is

being applied to sway you from your belief. The only acceptable

reason to change your mind is because you have learned that you

were wrong. There is no shame in being wrong, only shame in knowing

you are wrong and doing nothing about it.

Additional points to consider

Telling people what you believe is definitely a part of personal

authority, but harping on them and expecting them to change their

belief is not. It is enough that the people you come in contact

with understand your belief. Convincing them to side with you is

not important, they either will see the merit in your belief or

they will not.

You do not need to sit down with people and explain your every

belief in detail. This is something that you do situationaly. Often

times you will not need to explain your beliefs because your

actions will do that for you. Again the only thing that matters is

that people understand that you do have definite beliefs and that

they understand what they are.

People who have personal authority are highly influential.

Please make an effort to be worthy of that influence and to lift

people to a higher place rather than drag them down.

There are not a great many people who do have strong personal

authority, it is often a good idea to explain to people that if

they act a certain way your beliefs will compel you to do xyz (if

you continue to act that way I will leave, I cannot tolerate this

behavior). Many people are surprised that there are consequences to

their actions.

The more clearly you learn to articulate your beliefs the


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