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Cut all the wires simulatenously

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Q: How do you diffuse a smoke bomb made up of a circuit having four wires?
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What causes headlights to dim and smoke come from the vent?

it is probably a short circuit if it is dimming your lights. the smoke is burning insulation on the wires. it must be an wire that is not protected by a fuse. do you have an aftermarket stereo?

How many wires does a straight 220V circuit have?

A straight 220V circuit utilizes two wires per circuit.

What do long straight lines represent in a circuit diagram?

They are the wires through which current flows when the circuit is closed.

Circuit breaker trip cause smoke will homeowner insurance pay for it?

A circuit breaker does not "cause" smoke. A circuit breaker "breaks" a circuit when there is too much current, creating a hazardous condition for the wires that are connected to the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker PROTECTS you from electrical fire. Find the source of the smoke; what burned? If a circuit breaker tripped during the incident, it is usually caused by melting/burning wire insulation, either inside or outside of an appliance. If the insulation inside the walls of your house has burned/melted, it could be that the circuit breaker was too large for the wire or that the circuit breaker failed to shut off at the appropriate current load. If the circuit breaker failed, your insurance should help you. If an appliance overloaded the circuit, your insurance should help you. If someone connected an oversized circuit breaker, causing the wire to overheat, your insurance company may refuse to help you.

What does neutral do?

Neutral wires are actually ground wires. They enable the circuit to be completed.

A break in the wires of an electric current will the circuit and the current?

A break in the wires of an electric current will break or cut the circuit and stop the current from flowing.

What do you mean by a complete closed circuit?

A circuit without any nonconducting wires

Why are circuit made of meatal?

well ummm...... the circuit has metal in it to carry on the wires!

What are the conductors in a circuit?

The wires carrying the power.

What happens if you move a switch and the circuit wires are not all connected?

When a switch is open (wires not connected) it is considered off. When a switch is closed it is considered on. If you move a switch and the wires are not connected the the circuit is open and current cannot run throughout the circuit to power the device.

What wires do you use for an electrical circuit?

wires that have got good conductivity and less losses

Will having the spark plug wires on the wrong plugs cause your vehicle to still smoke after a tune up?

Not likely sounds like a blown head gasket