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Click on each piece of rubbish and drag it to the side. Keep doing this with all the rubbish until you find the tickets at the bottom.

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Q: How do you dig on the garbage to find the tickets?
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In poptropica what do you do when the boy floats away with the balloon?

if you dont have tickets for the underground tour, dig in 1 of the garbage pails and you will find them. go to the man that wont get off his labtop. the tickets are his. talk to him and then use the tickets

Where are the tour tickets for the tunnel on Counterfeit Island?

In one of the round garbage cans beside the underground tunnel's gate. You have to dig through some garbage before you can find the tickets. After that take them to the old man in the Internet cafe. (If he doesn't pay attention, take a green balloon from the Clown Store to the kid in the Country Side, then try again.)

Why do dogs dig in your garbage can?

They dig in your garbage can because they might be looking for food to eat. To you it's garbage, to them it's a bucket of delicious treats.

How do you get into the underground tunnel in poptropica?

You dig in the garbage cans by the tour guide in downtown then you find 2 tickets. then take them to the old man in the cafe on main street. he gives you one, but you have to click "USE" in your inventory to get one.

Where is the tickets in poptropica counterfeit?

In the garbage can

How do you find 2 tickets for the under ground tunnel in consomething?

you gotta dig the trashcan which is open

How do you give the person the tickets on counter feit island?

On counterfeit (or how ever you spell it) island you find the tickets in the garbage near to the right. once you are done that you bring them to him and you will get one of the two tickets

How you get the robber to come to the museum on poptropica counterfeit island?

you find all the clues like the tickets in the garbage can

Where are the tickets on poptropica counterfest island?

There are two trashcans by the underground ticket area. Look inside of one of them. Dig to the bottom and you will be able to find the two tickets.:)

How do you take the underground tour?

You have to find the 4 tickets in the garbage can and take the tickets to the man in the cafe. He will give you 1 ticket and you have to take it to the lady at the tour. Then she will take you on the tour.

How do you find the tickets in poptropica new island?

you find the tickets in the two garbage cans next to where you will go into the tour. pick the one that is open. than it is all the way at the bottom. so you will have to move it with your mouse.

How do you get into the tunnel on Counterfeit Island?

Ask the guy in the cafe if you can help find his tickets. Then look in open garbage right from the tunnel entrance. Scoot all the trash then you'll find the tickets!Give the tickets to the guy and he'll give you a ticket to the tunnel you can go in the tunnel.

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