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How do you disassemble a 12 gauge Mossberg 5500?


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Mossberg added the M-5500 model to their line in 1983. However, it was quickly taken off the market and was completely out of production by 1986. Supposedly it was a variant of Mossberg's M-500. The 5500 was designed for sporting and was relatively small (not suitable for combat). Mossberg later came out with a stockless version for self defense and for use in law enforcement called the Cruiser and a military combat model known as the Guardian. It is important to note that Mossberg's 5500 was a 12 gauge, not a 16 gauge shotgun.

Use the slugs that have ridges on the slug. They cause the slug to spin as it travels down the barrel. This increases accuracy similar to rifling in barrel.

Yes. The Mossberg 500A1 is a .12 gauge shotgun.

It's made by Mossberg for Montgomery Ward and is equivalent to the Mossberg 500.

your Mossberg shotgun which was made from 1954-1968 will bring between 75-120 dollars.

If you have a 500, and it is a 12 gauge, it is a 500A. The "A" designates it as a 12ga. A 500B is a 16ga, a C is a 20ga, and an E is a .410.

Mossberg. It was sold through Montgomery wards. Its a Mossberg 500 with the western field name. All Mossberg parts interchange.

Go to the website This is a free download.

There is no difference. A 500 is a basic Mossy 500 receiver shotgun. Unless the gauge is stated, it's assumed it's a 12. The 500A is simply stating it as a "12 gauge" 500 in its name. The Mossy 500A is a 12 gauge model 500, the 500B is a 16 gauge model 500, the 500C is a 20 gauge etc. There was no 28 gauge so there is no 500D, contrary to many sources, so the next one was the .410 called the 500E. A 12 gauge model 500 and a 500A are the same gun.

Mossberg and sons is the manufacturer of your western field model M550ABD,shotgun.The Mossberg model 500 is the same shotgun.

I would look to mossberg gun corp.first,they are the company that made your shotgun.the model is mossberg model 500.

Yes, it is. The 600AT was simply sold under the New Haven name instead of the Mossberg brand. It's a Mossberg 500A (12 gauge) intended for targets and hunting (long barrel and great wood). All Mossberg 500 parts fit it.

Mossberg made them under the Western Auto name.

I'm sure it has sentimental value to you, but I cannot see it to assess its value.

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