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Remove stock from shotgun

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Q: How do you disassemble an Ithaca SKB model 900 12 gauge?
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How do you fully disassemble an Ithaca SKB model 900 12 gauge?

Contact Ithaca customer service, and obtain the owner's manual. It includes instructions.

What is the value of an Ithaca Model 900 12 gauge shotgun?

$600 all day long

How much is an Ithaca model 900 12 gauge shotgun worth?

I got one for $300 it is like new love the gun!!

What is the value of a 20 gauge full choke Ithaca Model 900?

$450-$500 in excellent condition. $200 for a beater.

What is the value of a 12 gauge Ithaca Model 900 semi-automatic serial S45007?

Depending on condition, $300-$400.

What is the value of an Ithaca model XL 900 12 gauge semi auto?


Where can i get a manual for a model 900 Ithaca?

go to WWW.ITHACAGUN.COM that the factory Website there you can get a manual directly from Ithaca gun Co.

Ithaca model 900 12 gauge how to make it shoot light loads?

I was looking at this model tonight and the owner took the gun apart and turned the small righ around that the spring pushes against.

Your model 900 will not eject shells?

12 gauge

Where can I get a new stock for my Ithaca model 900 ser?

i saw a used one on ebay but you can contact Ithaca Gun Co. directly

What is the value of an Ithaca 20 gauge Shotgun Model XL900 Serial 2919945?

Your Ithaca model XL-900 which was made between 1973-1978,will range in price between 150-245 dollars for a example showing between 60%-95% of its original finish,and in good operating condition.

How do you breakdown an Ithaca shotgun 12 gauge XL 900?

Shoot it about 2000 times without cleaning it. It will break down!!

What is the difference between Ithaca Model 900 and Ithaca Model 900 XL?

I know fort sure that the barrels are different.AnswerI know the XL is gas operated and I think the standard 900 is recoil operated. AnswerAccording to Gun Trader's Guide, the Model 900 has a game scene etched and gold-filled on the receiver and was made from 1968-72. The Model XL900 game scene is finished in silver and was made from 72 to 76.

What is the value of 12 gauge Ithaca 900 worth?

This is one of the SKB guns imported by Ithaca. If in good shape, it probably would bring $650 - $875. Monitor to see what comparables are going for.

Parts for Ithaca-skb model XL 900?

i am looking for a canon 28 feet a gage 12 xl900

Do they still make Ithaca skb model XL 900 12 ga shotguns?

No. These were made in Japan and imported by the old Ithaca Gun Company between 1972 and 1978.

How do you take Ithaca model 900 apart?

You can find instructions for assembly of the 300/900 series at the URL below... you might be able to figure out disassembly from that. Doug This link is for disassembly of the XL models which are gas operated. Mine is just a model 900 and it is recoil operated. I am still trying to figure out how to get the charging handle off my Ithaca 900.

Where can you find parts for an Ithaca 900 12 gauge?

I would go to E-gun are also named Numrich gun parts corp.

How much is your Ithaca shotgun model 500 S5550113 worth?

I sold one in excellent condition last fall for $900.

What is an Ithaca model XL 900 shotgun worth?

You can expect to get between $230 and $365 depending on the condition and method of sale

What is the value of a browning gold hunter 20 guage semi automatic?

what is the value of an Ithaca model 900 semi-automatic

Where can i find a forend for a Ithaca model 900 tweleve gauge semi-auto shotgun?

First try which is the largest gun parts house in the country. If that fails, search the net for other parts sources. You might try where some parts are advertised. I had heard that eBay was not allowing any gun part auctions however as of 9/15/07 there are still trades being conducted including Ithaca forends (no model 900's at the moment).

Where can i buy an Ithaca XL 900 12gauge?

It'll cost ya...

What is the price for Ithaca e200?

Roughly 900-1400 depending on condition.

What is the value of a Ithaca 900 skb auto?

Your Ithaca 900 semi-auto shotgun which was made from 1973-1978 will bring between 150-250 dollars,depending on overall condition with a good bore.