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Q: How do you disconnect internet connection on Samsung Galaxy ace?
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How do you disconnect internet connection on Samsung Galaxy s?

the easiest way to disconnect from the 3G or HSPA network is to get the application for the market called "APNDroid." Once downloaded you can check off "Disable all APN's" which will turn off the network connection. Hope this helps, Joweejaw

Can i Disable the internet on Samsung Galaxy and leave WiFi on?

Yes. You do not need a network connection to connect to wifi.

How do you connect your Samsung Galaxy s to the internet?

How to connect internet with phone sumsung galaxy cooper

Does Samsung Galaxy s3 have free internet?


Is a Samsung Galaxy s2 internet slow?


How does the Samsung Flight II phone compare to the Samsung Galaxy 4G?

The Flight II has better internet connection and can operate better then the Galaxy 4G. The Galaxy can download faster then the Flight II.Finally, the Flight II has a better reputation for getting a solid signal.

Does the Samsung Galaxy player have voice control?

Yes, as long as you have an internet connection. They factory app is already installed and is called "voice search".

How to fix Samsung Galaxy s3 wifi problem?

To fix WiFi problems with your Samsung Galaxy S3, try changing your WPA connection.

How do you install the Internet on my Rogers Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini?

Sign up for internet with an ISP such as IVC Telecom and then connect your Samsung Galaxy to your home wifi network.

Where can I learn about the samsung galaxy s 4g?

The samsung galaxy s 4g is a smartphone that offers internet service and video chats. You can learn about it on the Samsung website, which is

Which is better the Samsung Galaxy europa or the Samsung Galaxy Apollo?

The Samsung galaxy Europa is awful. Buy the samsung galaxy apollo!

What is better the Samsung Galaxy y or Samsung Galaxy pocket?

samsung galaxy pocket

How do you get wireless internet to work on your Samsung Galaxy Ace?

first find your hot spot the go to the Internet

Does the Samsung Galaxy S2 have free internet?

Yes. Using Wi-fi gives you free internet.

Can you get internet on Samsung Galaxy s3?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is cabaible of reciving Wi-Fi, 1X, 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE data connections.

What are some models of the Samsung mobile phone?

Check out here some latest samsung model: Samsung Galaxy A52 Samsung Galaxy A72 Samsung Galaxy S21 Samsung Galaxy S21 plus Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra Samsung Galaxy S20 Samsung Galaxy z Fold Visit Jumbo Electronics in UAE, and find all your favourite and latest mobile phones and their accessories at one place.

What model of Samsung is most papular Samsung galaxy or dous?

Samsung Galaxy

What is cheaper a Samsung Galaxy ace or a Samsung Galaxy mini?

galaxy mini

Which is better Samsung Galaxy europa or Samsung tocco lite?

samsung galaxy europa

How do you bring back the data connection icon in Samsung Galaxy Ace?

Press and hold the lock button

What is the biggest Samsung Galaxy?

If we are talking Samsung Galaxy phones, currently it's the Samsung Galaxy Mega (6.3 inches). If we are talking tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

What is better the Samsung Galaxy ace or the Samsung Galaxy y?

The Samsung galaxy ace is bigger and better than the samsung galaxy Y I would recommend the galaxy ACE and recommend on Vodafone and O2

How do you get games on Samsung Galaxy s?

The Samsung Galaxy S runs on the Android platform. You can get games by connecting to the internet to download apps. The apps in the Android market can be free or available for a fee.

How long does a battery last in a samsung galaxy 3?

The battery of your Samsung Galaxy S3 lasts for about 4-5 hours if you are only talking on the phone, and fewer hours if you are surfing the Internet.

How do you disconnect internet connection on a Samsung Galaxy player?

The easiest way is to use the pull down menu. from here you can turn off your Wi-Fi. This will disconnect you. You can also go to settings> wireless and network> Wi-Fi settings. Once your here, click the network your connected to and hit forget. If you do it this way you'll have to re-enter the password the next time you want to connect it to that network.