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*We bought a white large goose (or swan?) chlorine dispenser. It has a painted beak, eyes & everything. It floats around the pool showing "movement" so the mallards won't join it. We've kept the mallards out with this goose now for over 4 seasons. Before the goose, our large 55 pound Airedale dog was trained to go after the ducks - that helped significantly. *I tried things that flap in the wind and things that make noise. They did not work. What did work was a $10.00 blow up alligator float. Blow it up and put it in the like a charm. I haven't tried it, but I read that beach balls sometimes work. Also, you can take fishing line and run two lines across the pool, they apparently don't like to touch the line when trying to land. Good luck. *We had Mallard Ducks landing in our pool. To keep them away, we did several things: 1) We bought plastic snakes and placed them around the pool, 2) We bought reflective tape and placed strips of it at various locations around the pool so it can blew in the wind, 3) We bought a fake owl and had it sitting on the diving board, and 4) We bought two beach balls with large eyes painted on the sides and hung those near the pool. I think the key is something the ducks recognize as danger--the owl or snakes or the big eyes--OR something that moves--the tape. *We tried everything last year: frogs that make a noise when you pass in front of it, lots of blow up toys, dangling multi-coloured objects that move in the wind, and metal cats with glass eyes. Then one day last Spring the two Mallards disappeared. They returned again with 8 babies in late Autumn. Now the pool is continually like a dung heep. We are about to try the two strips of twine pegged in across the pool and we will let you know how they do. *I used an inflatable octopus ring toss toy. It is about 7 feet in diameter and stands about 3 feet tall. I've secured it in the center of the pool. Since I did that, I have not had one duck in the pool. Good Luck! *I have a waterfront home with a pool and the ducks just walk up the bank and have pool parties day and night. My neighbor said that a fake gator would scare them off, so we bought a 6ft. concrete one and painted it to look real. The ducks are actually sitting on top of it now! We bought a motion detector that emits a loud sound and flashes lights, but it didn't phase them. I tried using a water hose, but they like the fresh cool water. We also tried a low powered BB gun on their rear. That works, but the BB's end up in the pool and leave rust spots. I thought about having them for a BBQ but I can't do that. Ducks mate for life and anyone that can do that has my respect so I guess I'll give up and clean up. Good luck to all! *We went to our local pool store and bought a pengiun, a dolphin and I think a seahorse that bob around the pool like little punching bags. You fill the bottoms with water for weight and the bodies are filled with air. The ducks have not landed in the pool since we put them in. There is evidence of their presence on the rails of the pool (which is much easier to clean then the bottom of the pool) but not in the water itself. They were a whopping $2.49/each and worth every penny. *I understand that Disney uses a predator scent in their pools to keep ducks and other animals out. I have yet to find anything on the market. You could try real gator pee.

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Q: How do you discourage mallard ducks from using your pool?
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Why do white ducks hang out with mallard ducks?

The Mallard duck is the ancestral precursor to all domestic ducks except Muscovy ducks. The white ("Long Island duckling"), type of farm pond duck descended from and can still interbreed with mallard ducks. Although the domestic ducks are usually significantly larger, feral ducks often revert to mallard characteristics after a few generations. The mallard is the essential "type O" duck that dominates the duck gene pool. They're native only to the Americas but because of introduction they have been established on every continent except Antarctica. Mexican Ducks and Hawaiian Ducks are also mallard hybrids, and ornithological scientists now generally agree that all Black Ducks in existence are now carrying mallard DNA. They hang out with the white ducks, and vice versa, because they're "cousins" and share the same habits and characteristics in feeding, breeding, and nesting.

Is there any harm in having mallard ducks in your swimming pool?

Extremely unsanitary - you could get quite sick from their poop.

Keep ducks away from swimming pool?

There are a number of different methods you could use to keep ducks away from your swimming pool. You could for example cover or drain your pool when you are not using it.

Is it okay for ducks to be in your pool?

For the ducks, it is fine if they don't drink it. For your pool, not so much. They poop A LOT!

How do you prevent ducks in a swimming pool?

Ducks love your pool because it is a safe place to stay, swim, preen and socialise. Ducks see you pool from above as a waypoint while doing their daily routine. Your task is to take your pool out of their daily routine and stay elsewhere longer or find another place. Products such as Kings Duck Solution will change their routine. Ducks will make your pool unhealthy and unsafe. There is nothing cute about ducks swimming in your pool. Do not encourage or feed them. Any duck dropping should be treated like and other fecal accident. If you are invited to swim in a pool with a duck issue - politely refuse.

How do you keep ducks away from a swimming pool?

You cannot stop ducks from flying over the fence and into the pool. You can however treat the issue successfully and force the ducks to move on. Kings Duck Solution is the answer. Michael

Are ducks affected by chlorine in a swimming pool?

Ducks can tolerate limited contact with chlorine pools. Since natural habitat is lost in urban areas, ducks have little choice. Set up a chlorine-free wading pool for wild mallards.

Should you swim in your pool after ducks have pooped in it?

if u have a filter

If you have mallard ducks landing in your pool are the duck droppings harmful?

Duck droppings are harmful if allowed to dry and harbor a mould that when ingested will cause long term illness. Mainly small children are at risk. The droppings in the pool will be sanitised by the pool chlorine however I would like to see the level of chlorine sanitiser at around 5ppm to be sure. Also make sure to clean the filter often.

How do you stop ducks from coming to swim in homeowners pool and yard and leave their droppings in pool and lawn?

shoot 'em

Are chemical in swimming pool dangerous to ducks and ducklings?

No, but if they swim in your pool a lot, the duck poop is going to make the water murky. Ducks and swimming pools are not a good combination. Pool sanitisers such as chlorine have no ill affect on the bird. Ducks like the pool environment as it is often a safe haven with clear water and unobtrusive surrounds. The duck droppings do have a negative effect on the pool water balance and will eventually clog the filter with the creamy white paste.

What is the episode of curious George called when George makes a pond?

'Water to Ducks' is the name of the episode where George makes a pond out of his swimming pool for a family of ducks.

What do you feed two ducks that are living in my pool?

you feed the duck bits of bread that have no crust

Where the ducks live?

Ducks live usually near water, rivers, streams and oceans. They love swimming and the place you will find them is near water! sometimes even in your pool!

How do you scare ducks away from a swimming pool?

run at them and scream. mabey even throw a stick.

Is it normal for a 2 month old Mallard to dive and swim under water?

Diving and swimming underwater is very normal behavior for a 2 month old duck. Ducks dive in the wild to get food (pondweed, minnows, snails etc.). When I raised ducks for Wildlife Rescue, I let them swim in a large 3' deep childrens pool. They would dive and swim underwater for many feet. This actually strengthens their swimming skills and is a sign of a healthy duck.

What is an effective and non-harmful way to keep ducks away from the pool?

You can try puuting some plastic owls up around the pool area. Some of the new ones have heads which turn in the wind. You will probably find this to do the trick. You can put up a blow-up swan or plastic swans around the pool. Swans are natural enimes or ducks.

How do you get rid of ducks in a swimming pool?

I live in Phoenix and in early March I had a Mallard and Drake that decided my pool was a nice watering hole to visit. They would poop on the deck and then walk in it and poop in the pool. I put a plastic owl on the edge of the deck, moved it daily, it didn't do anything. I bought a blow up alligator and let it float around, the next morning I noticed what might have been a dropping, but I wasn't positive. Not taking any chances, I stopped at Lowe's and bought a 100' piece of water proof orange nylon rope, strung it back and forth across the pool. It looked silly, but no more ducks. I left the rope on for a couple weeks, it's been off for a week now, first week of April, and still no more ducks. You can also call your local wildlife conservator and ask for them to come and remove the ducks. They will relocate them to a more appropriate location. I have found a perfect solution.Wrap reynolds wrap or aluminum foil around brick like a gift... place around the deck of your pool. I had about 20 ducks a day and they were a nusence..dirty and constant. The ducks don't like the shiny and so this cheap method has worked perfectly!! Kept the stuff out for about 3 weeks and no ducks have returned at all!! I also had my pool raft floating with object wrapped in foil on top...easy and totally works!!!! You need to change their habit. Relocation while effective in the short term will not ultimately successful. Products like Kings Duck Solution are naturally designed to move the ducks away and for good. Ropes, relocation and shiny objects are the tales of old wives. Kings Duck Solution has been born from a need and now answers this age old problem of ducks gathering and fouling - safely.

How do you keep spiders out of a salt water pool?

There are many things that can be done to keep spiders out of a salt water pool. Repair any damage and weather stripping. Reseal the pool edges, and junctions. Pressure wash the area around the pool and pool deck. Vacuum up any spider webs. Remove clutter from around the pool. All of this will discourage spiders from the pool and the likelihood of them falling in.

Can ducks swim in swimming pool with chemicals in it?

yes, if they swallow too much ( about 1ltr) it could make them ill.

Will salt pools attract bees or discourage them from landing on the pool?

I doubt anyone has done any research on this, but I changed my pool over to salt last year and I don't see any difference in bee activity.

How can you keep frogs away from pool area?

Try putting a big rubber snake at the edge of the pool. I don't know if it will work on frogs but it sure keeps the ducks off my dock.

Where do ducks usually live most commonly?

They most commonly live in a pond or lake. More likely a pond. But any little pool of water they will be by. For example my Aunt has a pool, and on the pool cover is water from all the rain and they'll live there.

How do you set up a triangle on a pool table?

by using a pool triangle rack

How do you scare ducks away from your swimming pool?

You throw something or get poision. Sorry, but I don't like the above answer. You can buy netting to lay across the pool so the ducks can't land in the pool. You'll have to weigh down the edges around the outside of the pool. Be extremely careful if you have children, because if they fall in the pool they could get tangled up in the net and drown. The ducks are usually just a problem when they are migrating. You should be able to take the netting down after a few weeks. Poisoning is disgusting and unsafe. These birds can be discouraged naturally. Use Kings Duck Solution or go to This solution is organic and safe for everyone. It also works extremely well.