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If it's old but still clean, put it in your car, mixing no more than 5% at a time. For example, if your tank holds 20 gallons, put in one gallon of old clean gasoline. You can also use it in a lawn mower or snow blower.

Clean is the real issue though. Make sure there is no sediment and that it isn't cloudy.

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Q: How do you dispose of gasoline?
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How does one separate gasoline from motor oil?

ANS1:using a sieve (no, the two form a solution) ANS2:I'm afraid you can't. Gasoline is a powerful solvent, and merges with the oil into new compounds. It would be like mixing red food color and then yellow food color into water - making orange water - and then trying to separate out the red food color again. What you need to do is find a facility that will take the contaminated gas/oil, and have them dispose of it. ANS3:The practical answer is "Start your engine". Any gasoline in your oil will 'cook off' and be drawn into the induction system through the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve. If you have a lot of gasoline (more than a 4th of your oil is gasoline) in your oil, you can expect to damage your engine because the gasoline will thin the oil and reduce its ability to lubricate it. The way to avoid that (painful, yes) is have the car towed to a facility where the oil can be changed, and have it changed. No engine damage. Alternatively, change the oil yourself. But then you are back to the problem of having to dispose of the contaminated oil. To separate the gasoline from the oil on a laboratory bench or as a thought problem, you would use distillation. Oil, being a much heavier molecular weight, will evaporate after the gasoline.

Which ignites more easily Gasoline or Diesel oil?


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