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How do you dispute a speeding ticket?

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2006-07-19 21:35:35

By knowing what type of radar was used, the theory of radar

operation with proof of what vehicles were around you at the time

(does not apply to laser), proof of current radar calibration

certification, proof that officer did not field calibrate radar at

shift start. If you want to dispute a speeding fine that you don't

feel you deserve: *Keep track of letters you receive and keep a

copy of your replies and the speeding ticket; *Make a note of any

conversations with the police officer who booked you, the agency,

court or other staff and, if possible, confirm them in writing; and

*Contact your motoring club for advice or a referral to a lawyer.

Write a letter *Are you sorry for what happened and have learnt

your lesson? *What was the terrain of the road

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