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You can tell a coin is silver by either looking at the edge and finding it a uniform silver color (with no darker colors) or by finding a dime, quarter, half dollar or dollar with a date from before 1965. They now make silver versions of the dime, quarter and half, but only in proof sets.

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Q: How do you distinguish the silver coin?
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Why is a 2p coin bigger than a 1 coin?

That makes it easier to distinguish them.

Is the freedom Tower silver coin real silver?

Yes, what little silver is in (or on) the coin is real silver.

Is a pure silver coin an element?

Silver is element number 47 -- Ag. A pure silver coin contains the element silver, but the coin itself is not an element.

What coin says silver bullion on it?

Any silver coin having its value primarily from the silver it contains is considered to be a bullion coin and as such many of them have "silver bullion" on them.

If the coin is a copy does it mean it is not silver?

If a "silver" coin is labelled "copy", it is probably not actually silver.

What is the silver content in a 2002 silver quarter?

If the coin is an "S" mintmarked silver proof coin, it's 90% silver.

Is silver coins metal or non-metal?

Since the coin is made of silver, we will look at the silver, not the coin. The silver is a type of metal, therefore, the silver coin IS an OBJECT MADE OF A TYPE OF METAL.

What is 'silver coin' when translated from English to Italian?

Moneta d'argento is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "silver coin." The phrase translates literally as "coin from silver," "coin in silver" or "coin of silver" in English. The pronunciation will be "mo-NEY-ta dar-DJEN-to" in Pisan Italian.

How can you determine if a coin is silver?

all you have to do is look at itYes and noMost silver coins have a different appearance versus copper-nickel. Silver coins are lighter in color and have a less-slippery feel. However, depending on how much dirt or tarnish is on a silver coin it can sometimes be a bit difficult to distinguish without looking closely. Usually the most certain way to tell is to check the coin's date and denomination against a list in a reference guide.

How much money is a 1872 silver dollar coin?

do you know how much money a silver 1872 dollar coin is and a 1922 silver dollar coin

What is the value of a 1972 un peso Mexican silver coin?

2.50 is what the coin is worth. That yr. there is no silver in that coin.

What is a silver pattern crown coin?

A silver pattern crown coin is a British coin that was produced between 1707 and 1965. This coin is made of silver and has a profile picture of Queen Victoria on it.

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