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How do you do a free online search for arrest warrants?

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The FOIA does not allow disclosure of active warrants.

The information available to the public would pertain to the actual arrest of a person, (name, DOB, address, etc.) and the crime he or she was arrested for.

Is there a way to find out past arrest warrants that are active and what they are for.

for no fee at all all the web sites i went to charge a fee after entering the information to look it up.

Most trusted resources will charge a fee for access to their database, which you will be able to search for a year or so, depending on which service you select. As usual, not everything is "free".

I know you can in Oklahoma and Missouri. I am sure you can in other states to. Just keep clicking on all the links till you find the one that don't charge. That's what I did.

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There is no free online search for arrest warrants, because that information is not made public in the same way that criminal records are. The best way for someone to find out if they are wanted is to contact, or have an attorney contact, the local police.

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Call a police department in the state where you think the warrant is. I dont think its entirely possible to find out free without actually incriminating yourself. Theres a bunch of articles about it online. yahoo "free arrest warrant searches". You can check online for an arrest warrant with an arrest warrant search.

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The Free Criminal Records check provides people the opportunity to run a free criminal background check on criminals in their states. It is includes free arrest records and free arrest warrants.

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Warrants for arrest are seldom (if ever) posted anywhere on-line where the public can access them. This infomration is contained only within the secure National Crime Information Computer (NCIC) system which cannot be accessed by the public.

100 percent free way to search for warrants I have been to sites that let you search but make you pay to see results?

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The FBI website has a free search for open federal warrents. On the local level, you can search your sheriff's website which usually has a link for open local warrents.

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If you or a friend have an android or an iPhone u can download the free been verified app which allows you one free search per month

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