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just look at the moves list on pause menu and the combos with a combination of X and Y are the killer combos

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Q: How do you do a killer combo for Naruto The Broken Bond?
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Which Naruto game is after Naruto broken bonds?

Naruto broken bond 2:)

Do you get to be grown up Naruto on Naruto broken bond?

No, the Broken Bond's story does not get to the Shippudden Story line.

When is Naruto the broken bond shipped in stores?

when is naruto the broken bond shipped in gamestop wal mart and all them other electronic stores

How do you unlock Hinata's sister in Naruto Broken Bond?

hinatas sister and hinata are not in broken bond

Is Naruto the broken bond in English?


What is the cheats for Naruto broken bond?

there is a code to get naruto nine taled fox form, go to google and type in gamespot then on gamespot search naruto the broken bond then click on naruto the broken bond then go to hints and cheats (its on the top left of the page) then it will tell you how to get him sorry for all the info lol

How do you unlock anbu Kakashi in Naruto the broken bond?

If ANBU Kakashi is even avalable on naruto the broken bond then you would have to find his ninja card and beat him

Can you become Pain in Naruto the broken bond?


Where do they sell Naruto the broken bond?

In shops and online

How do you get hinate on Naruto broken bond?

You can't she is not in the game

What game is better Naruto rise of a ninja or Naruto broken bond?

I generally prefer naruto rise of a ninja, but which ever one you prefer is what you may think is better or not. On the internet it says "Naruto Broken Bond" is better rated.

Is there naruto broken bond ps3?

Is it stands in the United Kingdom we only have Naruto The Broken Bond out for Xbox360, and the ones that are for the Nintendo Wii Naruto: Clash of the ninja revolution Naruto: Clash of the ninja revolution 2