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No, the Broken Bond's story does not get to the Shippudden Story line.

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Q: Do you get to be grown up Naruto on Naruto broken bond?
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How do you catch up to the bomber in Naruto The Broken Bond?

You must use Neji's byakugan to track him as he leaves the village.

Naruto game broken bond 2?

what exactly are you asking? if its on wether there will be a sequel to Broken bonds then most likely no, but will most LIKELY be a follow-up to accomidate the up coming naruto shippuden in the U.S

How do you pass the level of Naruto broken bond when Naruto is caged up and your Shikamaru and have to get him out?

i believe you have to find a switch with shikimaru by using shadow possesion. when you see these orange bands. that means you have to do somin with whatever character...........

What is the best way to do the 'a girl grown up' mission on Naruto arena?

sakura, naruto, sakon

What is Naruto shuppuden?

naruto shipuuden is the part 2 of naruto its basically when naruto returns to the leaf after 3 years i think and everyones grown up

How do you beat sasuke's lybarinth in Naruto the broken bond?

you keep attacking and dont let up then when he uses phoenix flower jutsu dodge quick when he fires then move in for the kill

How do you unlock chunin Sasuke on Naruto the broken bond?

go through the tournement and fight chunin sasuke finish up on the tournament and it will tel u that u have unlocked chunin sasuke

Who were James Bond's parents name?

I think he was supposed to have grown up in Switzerland.

Will grown-up Naruto kiss grown up Sakura?

Nah, I don't think so. I think Naruto just has a childish crush on Sakura which he will most likely get over later. Unless, Sakura has a change of heart and starts falling for him.

What is the name of Naruto when he becomes the max grown up?


Is Naruto kage chronicles a real Naruto show?

maybe cause if you look it up it tells you information about it .maybe cause if you look it up in the internet it will tell information about it. cause when i looked it up it has all naruto characters except their already grown ups.

Does sauske kill Naruto?

I think Naruto will not kill Sauske because Sauske was like him with few differences. Sauske and Naruto both dont have parents. However, Sauske still does have a brother, evil though. Naruto doesn't have any family. They have been rivals/friends since the begining of the series up until Sauske leaves the leaf village. Of course, Naruto is Naruto, and Naruto is unpredictable, so there is no sure answer at this moment. Even if he really wanted to in the last battle of The Broken Bond, yikes!