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How do you do custom class in cod mw4 search and destroy?


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ther is no such thing as mw4 only 1,2,3 you probably mean call of duty 4 modern warfare


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You can get a custom class in multiplayer by getting to level 4, then make any class you want!

If your playing Search and Destroy then when the round is over you respawn, But if not click start and choose your class.

You can't delete custom classes on any Call of Duty multiplayer. But you can reset them to the default classes issued to you at the start.

Errrr... just play online for a while. Get lots of kills. Or play search and destroy.

You unlock guns by reaching the level required to unlock that gun, but if you want to use it in your custom class, you have to buy it using COD points.

You must set it with Right Bumper (xbox360) if you have it as your equipment on your custom class.

COD word used in Export and Import (Excise and custom)

STG-44 w aperture sight or telescopic sight,and Nambu ,or BAR w Bipod,and Colt M1911.If u play Search and Destroy,I would suggest mp40 w flash hider or aperture sight. But the class depends on you,these are my best classes though.

you can't create a class in COD WaW unless you are online

The best custom class in cod black is- Primary- Skorpion with dual wield attachment Secondary- Strela-3 launcher Frag/ Concussion Grenades Perks/ Scavenger or ghost, sleight of hand, marothon-pro if you have it WithTiger paint.

Battelfield since you can destroy buildings and such.

500 for search and 50 for domanation and 50 for headquaters

Start of with five. Every prestige you get another.

Well if you are good Search and Destroy. If not always carry a streala-3 or m2law to shoot down airsupport for easy points.

Ten, there has always been 10 prestiges. In CoD: World at War and CoD: MW2 prestiging will give you some additional bonuses including more custom class slots in online play. also in all call of duty there have been 10 prestiges

First you play it then I don't care figure it out yourself

OpTic Predator is one of the best Cod players ever.From what I hear he's only 11 years old.Ive played Search and Destroy with him before and its not even a challenge for him.He kills 5 out of 6 or every player in Search and Destroy.He is very,very good.

Just keep playing search and destroy. You get 500 points for each kill and 1000 points for each bomb plant. That's what i do and i prestieged ever month. Its very easy!

When you enter a multiplayer loby click CREATE CLASS and the choose your weapon's and perks.

search it on google i found them there

promod and starwars mod for cod 4, custom zombie maps for world at war

You bet, plus it's better since you can mod it and make custom maps.

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