Periodic Table

How do you do the alien periodic table?


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You do the alien periodic table with hints from the Prentice Hall science book. Heres the answers i found rows from left to right. 1- pfsst, Bombal 2- Chow, Doggone, Ernest, Floxxit, Goldy, Nuutye, Apstom, Logon. 3- Byyou, zapper, yazzer highho magnifica, oz, kratt, jeptum. 4- Quackzil, doadeer, rhaatrap, terriblum, sississ, urrp, vulcania, wobble.5- xtalt, pie, anatom, elrado. Explain it just as my parents helped me with it and its hard to explain. If you need to explain it(: zike i am just guessing