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Q: How do you do the stinkface on svr2010?
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Did Jeff Hardy ever get the stinkface?

Jeff never got the stinkface. I've followed Jeff's carrer and I don't recall him ever wrestling Rikishi who uses the stinkface as one of his moves.

What is rikishis favorite move?

The Stinkface

What was the longest stinkface?

Lita, in 2001.

Is Bret hart playable in svr2010?


Will they have the new ecw belt on svr2010?

they should

When does svr2010 come out?

October 20 2009

Can you get the nexus on svr2010?

No, you can't. They're not in the game.

How can you get Shane mchahon in svr2010 ps2?

you can't

What is a stinkface?

It was a move that WWE Wrestler executed during his match. He would rub his back-side on his opponents faces when they are beat down. That move is called a stinkface

What is the code for stone cold in svr2010?


How do you unlock Tyson kidd in svr2010?

he can't be unlocked

Is Shane McMahon avilable svr2010 ps2?

no sorry:(:(:(:(:(:(