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You need to file a new lawsuit in New York, and simultaneously move for summary judgment.

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Q: How do you domesticate a Florida default Judgment in New York?
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If wages are earned in Florida but a garnishment is from NY which state laws do you follow?

Both, provided the judgment is from New York. If the judgment was filed in Florida (as it should be filed in the state of residence) then only the laws of Florida are jursidictional.

Can a NY court issue a judgment against you for a debt if you live in FL?

A bank account would not be subject to seizure. The winning plaintiff could file an Abstract of Judgment with the county recorder's office in the county where the defendant resides. Such a judgment can only be used as a lien against real property. Florida allows unlimited homestead exemption. therefore depending on the specific circumstances, a lien could be "lifted" by a joint property owner or in some other way be declared invalid.

Where is New York located in relation to Florida?

New York is north of Florida.

What are the release dates for Rush to Judgment - 1967?

Rush to Judgment - 1967 was released on: USA: 2 June 1967 (New York City, New York)

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If a judgment was filed in New York against your husband in his name only and you reside in Florida but everything you own is in both your names even your home can they place a lien on your home?

Yes, a lien can be attached to any of your husbands assets.

Who has more people New York or Florida?

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How long does a restraining notice last for in New York?

It expires after one year. It can be renewed every year until the judgment expires. In New York, a judgment can be renewed twice (a total of 20 years).

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