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You need to file a new lawsuit in New York, and simultaneously move for summary judgment.

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If wages are earned in Florida but a garnishment is from NY which state laws do you follow?

Both, provided the judgment is from New York. If the judgment was filed in Florida (as it should be filed in the state of residence) then only the laws of Florida are jursidictional.

Is there a statute of limitation in New York for the collection of arrears in child support?

The Statute of Limitations in New York for arrears is limited to 20 years from date of default in payment regardless of whether or not the past due has been reduced to a judgment for support orders entered after 8/7/1987, years for default in payment on orders entered on or before 8/7/1987 and 20 years for all defaults in payment which have been granted as a money judgment.

Can a NY court issue a judgment against you for a debt if you live in FL?

The question of whether or not an out of state court can issue a judgment against you if you live in another state involves where you established the debt. Florida does not recognize a number of unlicensed "Fly by night" brokers or workers who establish debts in Florida and sue for money in other states. Florida will not recognize such law suits and judgments. Florida only recognizes people licensed to work in Florida. In fact, many of such con men fill Florida's prisons. Florida is glad when they go back to New York. However, if you purchased a legitimate product or did something else to cause a lawsuit in New York and the lawsuit occurred in New York and which causes New York to have jurisdiction, it does not matter if you are a resident of Florida, yes, it is valid.

Where is New York located in relation to Florida?

New York is north of Florida.

How long will it take to fly from Tampa Florida to New York?

Flying from New York to Florida or Florida to New York usually takes about 2.5 to 3 hours.

What river runs from Florida into New York?

There is No river that goes from New York state to Florida.

How many cities named Florida?

˙Florida City, Florida ˙Florida, Massachusetts ˙Florida, New York

Which state is larger Florida or New York?

what is the answer!

What are the release dates for Rush to Judgment - 1967?

Rush to Judgment - 1967 was released on: USA: 2 June 1967 (New York City, New York)

How large is new York compared to Florida?

New York is 141,299 sq. km while Florida is 170,304 sq. km. Florida is about 1.2 times the size of New York.

What does Florida think about the NEW YORK teams?

Florida thinks that New York teams are so cool that Florida should be called "New York 2" I am not Jack Paul, i am none of your business

Is New York in Florida?


Why is the flight to New York from Florida shorter than from New York to Florida?

coming back with the wind direction

How are Florida and New York different?

New York is in the North and Florida is in the South. Southern Heritage and Southern Pride!!!

What is the difference between New York and Florida?

that New York has a lot of Dominican people and Florida with a lot of cubans ............. ;)

How long is a flight from Florida to New York?

On average, a flight from Florida to New York is 2 hours.

How many miles from Orlando Florida to New York?

From New York City, New York to Orlando, Florida is about 1090 miles or 1758 kilometers

Who has more people New York or Florida?

New York.

If you have a judgment in New York can a Florida court enforce it and seize your bank account?

A bank account would not be subject to seizure. The winning plaintiff could file an Abstract of Judgment with the county recorder's office in the county where the defendant resides. Such a judgment can only be used as a lien against real property. Florida allows unlimited homestead exemption. therefore depending on the specific circumstances, a lien could be "lifted" by a joint property owner or in some other way be declared invalid.

In New York City can a Debt Collection Company garnish your wages?

Yes, after a creditor is awarded a judgment said judgment can be executed as a wage garnishment against the judgment debtor.

What state is bigger New York or Florida?

Florida has a larger area.

How many miles from new york to Panama City Florida?

It all depends on where in New York you leave from to know exactly how many miles it is to Panama City, Florida. It is 1,193 miles from New York City, New York to Panama City, Florida.

How long does a restraining notice last for in New York?

It expires after one year. It can be renewed every year until the judgment expires. In New York, a judgment can be renewed twice (a total of 20 years).

Do a child need a passport to fly from New York to Florida?

If you are an American citizen then you do not need a passport to fly from New York to Florida.

Is soccer more popular in New York or Florida?

new york.

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