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i dont think u cant get it for i mac

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Q: How do you download Maplestory on a MacBook?
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Is there a Maplestory downloader?

Yes, you can download Maplestory officially from the website. The Maplestory you have to download depends on the region you live in.

Can you download Maplestory to windows CE?

i am pretty sure you can download maplestory on any kind of computer

Where do you download Maplestory?

Where can you download Maplestory?

When you try to download Maplestory it says you need Maplestory.msi for something what should you do?

Download the maplestory installer first. That is what the .msi is.

Can you download Maplestory on Apple and Mac?


Do you have to download Maplestory to play it?

Yes, you have to

How do you get private server in Maplestory?

Download it.

Where can you download Maplestory for free?

How do you get maplestory?

I assume you mean how do you download maplestory. Go to then log in then press the big Play button. It will automatically download after you click yes

Can you download wolfqust on a MacBook?


Is Maplestory a good game to download?