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In order to download a torrent media file, it is necessary to first have a torrent client. There are many different torrent clients, uTorrent and BitTorrent are two popular choices. Using the torrent client, you can search for a specific file you wish to download or enter a specific torrent file location to begin downloading.

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Q: How do you download a torrent media file?
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What are PSP torrents?

A torrent is a file that you download that links you to other peers who are sharing it, to download the file the torrent specifies. To download a torrent, you need a client such as utorrent. A psp torrent I am assuming is a .torrent file used to download psp games.

Can I download torrent file with other software like internet download managerI?

No you can not download torrent file with can use other software like vuz to download torrent file

How do you play a torrent?

The answer is you don't. Torrents cannot be played. Once your torrent download finishes, you simply go to the folder where the torrent files have downloaded and open the file/media etc.

Can you download torrent file when there is no seeder?


How can you download movies using torrent?

Download bittorrentInstall bittorrentOpen your movie torrent file.

How do you play a torrent game?

Torrent is a type of download. You have to download the torrent file and open it up with a special torrent download program. The torrent file, when opened, will initiate the download of the actual game. Be aware than in most cases torrent downloaded games are illegal copies.

Do you need to keep the initial torrent file?

After you download and run the torrent file, you can safely delete it.

How do you convert a torrent file to pdf?

A torrent file is a set of instructions for a "torrent application" to find and download the files described in the torrent; it does not contain the actual file, and will never be useful as a PDF or any other type of text document. As such, the user of a torrent file will need a torrent application, such as BitTorrent, to download the files referenced in the torrent file. Properly installed, a torrent application should automatically start downloading any files referenced by the torrent automatically. Assuming the torrent refers to a PDF file, once the download is complete, there will be a PDF file in the download folder that can be opened by any PDF viewer.

How do play torrent video file in media player?

There si no such thing as "torrent video file". Once you download the torrent file from a torrent site, you have to open it into a torrent program- like utorrent- and then let the program download the whole thing for you. Only after that you can play the video (or anything else you downloaded). Just downloading the torrent file from the site is useless unless you open it with utorrent after that and let it download. The video file downloaded through utorrent will usually be in a format playable in Media Player. The videos on torrents are usually in .avi formats, very rarely anything else, unless it says it in the description. To open .avi files in Media Player all you have to do is double click the file. If your default video player is not Media Player, then double click and select "Open with...".

How you would know that the torrent file is a zip file before download?

you can see the properties or txt file with that torrent

What is torrent download?

A torrent download is a file on your computer accesible to others on a torrent site...kind of like sharing, but sitewide...

How do you install torrent games on your computer?

There is no such thing as a torrent game. A torrent is a file type that when opened with appropriate software will facilitate the download of a group of files from multiple connected computers. A torrent can be an application, media, games, etc.

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