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How do you download a video from a JVC digital camera to your computer?

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Well, if you have a notebook, I just found this answer myself. You would need to buy a Firewire cable (6pin to 4 pin)that could connect both in your cam and your mac.

Connect the cable to your computer in the firewire port, then connect it to your cam. Assuming your computer is already turned on. Go to application on your computer and choose imovie, then choose create a new movie HD. finally, choose create a new project. Underneath where it says video format, choose DV widescreen.Now, turn your cam on play ( of course you need to rewind the tape first). Everything should go smoothly from there. :-)

Wow, the description above seems a little complicated, you can adopt an easier way to get the video you want. You can use some screen recorder to help you. Connect your digital camera with computer, and play the video you want, then you can use the program to help you record. I always use it to record Google chat video when I'm making video calls on google.

2011-06-17 06:21:52
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How do you download video from non digital sony video camera to a computer?


How do you download video from hard drive camera?

Connect your camera to your computer and open up My Computer, find the icon with your camera, open it, and you can download your video.

Which program would you need to download home video from your jvc digital video carmea model gr d27ou into your mac computer?

Connect the camera to your Mac and run the iMovie program. iMovie should recognise your camera and you can then import your video.

What camera records video as digital signals instead of analog signals?

digital video camera

How do you make a YouTube video mobile?

Connect your camera or phone to the computer and download the video on youtube

What type of port do you use to connect a video digital camera to a computer?

USB Port

What does IP mean on my camera?

It is a digital form of recording. The camera you have can directly save video to a digital media device such as a flash drive or onto your computer system.

JVC Video Camera Download Instructions?

You can download a video from your JVC video camera. Use a USB cable to connect your computer and camcorder. Turn on your computer. Wait for the "new hardware detected" message to appear. If the JVC software doesn't start automatically, click the message to launch the program. Select "File", then "Open" and choose the video stored on your camera that you want to download. Choose "Download Files" to save a copy on your computer.

When did the first digital video camera come out?

The first digital video camera was released by Sony in 1983.

How much is a digital video camera?

A digital video camera is likely to cost between $100 and $500, depending on the make, brand, and capabilities of the video camera. A typical video camera costs $300.

Can you record video with a digital camera directly onto your computer?

With most video cameras you can. I can do it with my camera, just have the camera in Auto (or whatever your usual record mode is) instead of Play or VCR mode. It should stream straight into your computer.

How do you copy video from digital camera to DVD?

Use your computer if it's got a burner. eD

When did digital video first start?

a Digital Camera

How do you send in a video filmed on a digital camera to be entered for the America's Funniest Home Videos?

Connect the Digital camera to a DVD recorder and copy the tape to DVD. Send them the DVD copy. You can also use a computer if the computer has Audio/Video inputs and a DVD burner.

What is the difference of digital cameras to video cams?

Digital or Analog media. Digital recorders record with bit's and bytes and have a file structure that is versatile enough to be read by many digital media devices. Video cameras that record on to what ever they record on to like a VHS tape or 35mm film are specific to certain machines. if the video camera is recording to a CD, DVD, or removable flash card SD, SD mini, CF, MD, MS/PRO/Duo, XD then it is digital video camera. Non removable hard drives on a camera but also in digital formats are also considered digital. in short if it is ready for your computer without going through some kind of analog digital interface like a VHS player with a digital output like S-Video or the use of a analog video input on the computer itself then it is a digital video camera

How do you download a video on your computer?

if it is on a camera or video camera, you need a usb cable that can plug into you camera or video camera and then you plug it into your computer. A box should pop up and you follow the instructions. If it is off the internet, you right click and press "save as" and then save it into one of folders where you can find it later.

How can you convert the avi file back into digital camera so it will plays it?

Convert AVI video to your digital camera, you should make sure that the video format which can playable on your digital camera. Such as some camera support TS or MOV format for my digital camera. After U know your digital camera`s video format, convert it with Aimersoft video converter, it helps you convert moving videos between all popular formats, enjoy the highest conversion quality on the market! Steps: 1. Download this software and run it. 2. Load your AVI video 3. Select the suitable format for your digital camera as putout format, then click "Convert" to begin your convertion. Over.

Which digital camera has built in video editing (no hooking up to a computer)?

Unfortunately for that you'll have to get a low-end camcorder to do video editing.

Is there a way to use your ipod camera and mic for your computer?

You can record video (which includes audios) on your ipod email the video to your email account and download on to your computer.

What does the input digital video camera device look like?

they look like little chips of a computer

How do you load movies from your video camera to your computer or laptop?

All digital cameras and video cameras come with a cord; this cord, when plugged in to the camera on one side and to the computer on the other side, enables you to upload the pictures from camera to computer. (If this seems confusing or you want more information, look at you camera owners' manual.)

Girltech video journal download install?

lost disk cant put camera into computer

What are the benefits of a digital movie camera over a regular video camera?

The main benefit of a digital movie camera over a regular video camera is the ability to store more video in a smaller space. With a regular video camera you will need to use cassettes which are bulky and limited storage capacity. With a digital camera the disks are small and have large storage capacities.

How do you video tape games on the computer?

Q: How do you video tape games on your computer?A: There are two ways to do this. One, you can get your video camera and record whatever your on. Two, you can download the hyper cam and do it from there.

What are the advantages of digital camera?

A digital camera takes pictures and can usually record video too. The pictures it takes and the videos it records are stored in files. These files can be copied to a computer and later edited.