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How do you download a video from a JVC digital camera to your computer?

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2011-06-17 06:21:52

Well, if you have a notebook, I just found this answer

myself. You would need to buy a Firewire cable (6pin to 4 pin)that

could connect both in your cam and your mac.

Connect the cable to your computer in the firewire port, then

connect it to your cam. Assuming your computer is already turned

on. Go to application on your computer and choose imovie, then

choose create a new movie HD. finally, choose create a new project.

Underneath where it says video format, choose DV widescreen.

Now, turn your cam on play ( of course you need to rewind the

tape first). Everything should go smoothly from there.


Wow, the description above seems a little complicated, you can

adopt an easier way to get the video you want. You can use some

screen recorder to help you. Connect your digital camera with

computer, and play the video you want, then you can use the program

to help you record. I always use it to record Google chat video

when I'm making video calls on google.

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