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It depends on what kind of iPod it is. If it's an ipod touch then just put your i pod into the computer and press sync. Ipod touches are the only ones that can have apps.

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im not sure you can get ipod nano apps but there is pod touch /ipohne and ipad apps on the iTunes store for you to put on our ipod

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Q: How do you download apps on iPod Nano 5th generation?
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Can you download apps on a 6th generation ipod nano?


Does a sixth generation iPod Nano have apps?

No the iPod Nano does cannot use apps.

Can you put apps on a iPod Nano 7th generation?

The iPod Nano will not run apps.

Can you download apps onto a ipod nano?

The iPod Nano does not use apps.

Can you put movies and apps on the eighth generation ipod nano?

The 8th generation iPod Nano is something of a mystery and nobody knows what it will or will not do. We do know that the current iPod Nano (6th generation) will not play movies or run apps.

Can you download apps on ipod nanos?

The iPad Nano will not run apps.

Can you put safari internet browser app on ipod nano 5th generation?

The iPod nano cannot have apps.

Can you get apps on the original iPod Nano?

you can it is on itunes but i cant get it to download onto my ipod...

Download More Memory For Ipod Nano 3rd Generation?

You can not download more memory to an ipod.

Timeline of an iPod?

iPod Classic, iPod Nano 1st Generation, iPod Nano 2nd Generation, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano 3rd Generation, iPod Nano 4th Generation, iPod Touch, iPod Nano 5th Generation.

Can you get apps on your iPod Nano fifth gen?

Yes, you can put apps on your iPod Nano 5th generation. Games for the iPod Nano can be downloaded from the iTunes store. You will need to click on the arrow next to the game and click on wheel games.

Can you get apps for the ipod nano 4th generation?

YES!!!!! my friend has mononpoly and scrabble