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How do you download apps on to a Android tablet?

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You go to the android market

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What electronic reader has ability to download apps?

The Kindle and the nook have the ability to download many apps. But not the best ones a great alternative is getting an android tablet afterwards you can download a e-reader app such as play books for Google. Since you have an android tablet you will be able to download many apps on the market.

Can you download apps from Google play onto a Android tablet?

Yes you can! Just go to the Play Store on your tablet.

Why can't I open my download files on my android tablet?

reset the settings for your tablet. and delete the apps that you dont want.

How do you download apps to your Android tablet?

You can download apps on the market, but if you don't have that then go to google and get the market from there . I am sorry if this dosn't help. It helped for me though !

Can all Android apps go on a Android tablet?

All android apps can go but it depends on space available on your android tablet. If there is not enough GB of available space then it cannot go. Its highly unlikely you could fit ALL android apps on a single android tablet. You would need way to much storage. But you could download every app at one time or another and delete some to make room for more.

Could I use the android tablet for work purposes?

Yes you can use your android tablet for work purposes. You can download apps that will enable you to work using your tablet. New technology is consistently added that will aide you.

Can a Nook download Android apps?

Yes, you can download Android Apps over Nook tablets !

How do you download apps on the tablet PC?

You usually have an apps store. On android it has been changed to google play, formerly android market. You may also have another type, and they are usually preinstalled.

Has anyone had their next3 tablet have apps show up you did not install?

a next3 is an ereader not a computer, I get applications from the android market. I have to go to the android market to get apps and then download them. So I turned it on last night and noticed that there were about 7 apps that I did not download. Anything like that ever happen to anyone else? I have had the tablet with me so no one else could have done it.

Can you download android apps to blackberry?

Yes, you can download Android apps to a BlackBerry device (BlackBerry 10.3.1 or newer).

Are Android apps free to download to your Android phone?

There are both free and paid apps available for android phones.

How can you download music to your sylvania android tablet 2.2?

How to put a password lock on a sylvania android tablet

Are you able to download Minecraft on a Android tablet?

yes,you can almost download anything on an androind tablet

Do you need an Android phone to download Android apps?

Yes. Android have their own format of apps (.apk) and they can only be run on android. Unless you have an android emulator on your computer.

Can you download apps onto Microsoft tablet?

yes because my friend has a microsoft tablet and she and her brother have about 30 apps on their microsoft tablet.

Is it possible to get game apps on a android with no wifi?

if you have an android phone then you can use google play to download apps thru your phones internet connection (3g/4g) if no service thru provider and no wifi then you can download the apps directly from web (.apk files) on pc and transfer to phone/tablet with usb cable connection. apktop . com is a good website for apps. there are others too.

Where to download android apps for free?

On Google Play and find apps that is free

Can you download java ona etouch android tablet?

I want to down load java on my android tablet for pogo games

Can you download Minecraft on an Android tablet?

You can download minecraft pocket edition which is a simplified version on all android devices.

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