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How do you download music to sandisk from computer?

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Copy and paste from PC to the Sansa

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How do you download music to your SanDisk Flash Memory?

connect the device to your PC, then copy and paste the data / music etc

How do you download iTunes music to a Sandisk Sansa e250?

itunes only supports ipod not sansa

How do you download music from computer to Samsung R450?

how do i download music to samsung messager phone from computer

How do you download music to the iPod?

go do this i hope it works for you. to download music to ipod you need these: computer, internet, ipod, usb cord, music file do with this-ipod to cord to computer computer with the music to download is on do with it

Where do you get to download WWE music vol11?

if you have a computer go and download from you computer

How can one download free music to their computer?

Geekers Magazine has a list of 8 places that you can legally download free music to your computer. Once you have decided on the music you wish to download, you will click the 'download' button. When the download is complete you click open/run and save the music onto your computer.

What is the site for music?

Download music legally and download iTunes onto your computer!!

How do you load pictures onto my computer from a SanDisk?

you drag them out of the documents folder on your SanDisk.

How do you download music on the huawei m635?

You can download a software on your computer that can download music for huawei m635 from

Where can you download music on to your computer?

How do you download music in the computer?

how to download oggu kathas from

Where could you download music?

How could I get some music on computer

Can you download music to ipod from mp3 music site?

you have to download it to a computer and then put it onto your i pod from there

How do you download music to windows 7 mobile?

u click download music then plug into computer

How can you download music to your computer?

There are many sites available on internet, where you can download music for free. Search for your favorite music on internet then visit the site and download your favorite music.

How to transfer sandisk music to window media player?

attach your Sandick device, and then go to 'My Computer'. Find out which icon goes to your sandisk by reading the titles. Then copy and paste all the music inside that folder to your desktop and open the songs in Windows Media Player. Success!

How do you put music on your computer from the internet?

You can do it by download directly from various music sites or you can use software for download.

Can you download music on to your ipod from a different computer?

No you can not

How do you get music from the computer to the iphone?

Download iTunes

What do you have to do to download music to your computer?

You have to download a program like Bearshare or Realplayer, then you are able to download music by searching music on Bearshare or downloading any music video on the internet with Realplayer.

Where do you get the music to put on to your sandisk mp3 player?

how do you put music on your ipod

How do you download music onto your ipod?

download the music off itunes and connect the usb wire to your ipod and the computer and you music will transfer

Can you download music from iTunes to a Sandisk MP3 player?

You should be able to. but if the music is protected by DRM , you cannot download it your mp3 player directly, You may need to convert the DRM music to plain one. -use iTunes to burn audio CD and then rip audio back

Do you download songs for the iPhone on the phone or the computer?

if you can access itunes on your phone you can download music through there ,but if not you can use itunes on your computer , download them through there and synchronise your iphone with your computer.

How do you get music on an MP3 player?

You need to download music onto your computer and then download onto the mp3. You can also buy music off of the internet.

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