How do you drain a swimming pool?

Usually there is a plug for that. If not, you can have a professional come and use the vacuum thing. I recommend that you use a professional to drain your pool for you. The cost will typically range from $50-$100. Make sure that the pool professional opens the hydrostatic release plug when they drain it and make sure that they drain the water into your main sewer drain in the front yard. If they drain it into the drain coming out of the house in the back or side yard it can clog up your piping and end up draining all 25,000 gallons into your kitchen. If they just drain it into the street you can be fined. If you insist on doing it yourself you can rent a sump pump and the hose from a place like Home Depot for about $50 and follow the directions above. Make sure you turn off your pool supplies before you drain the water.